Married Life: A New Home Wishlist

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One of my big goals this year that hasn't been forgotten is a big next step in Craig and me's marriage...

Buying our first home together. 

Currently we live in my tiny studio apartment of a lil under 500 sq feet. I swear it's not a tiny home, lol, it's just a small condo, which I've been happily living in for the past 5 and half. Two Years alone, Three & half years with Craig and his two fur babies Angel & Gabby. It's a tight fit but it's time to say goodbye to my lil home. 

Hello May...Stolen Moments Sunday

April was a hard month. There I said it. I have promised myself to be "myself" in this lil space of mine and today is no different. 

The last 2 weeks of April hit me hard and the freshness of the first rainy day in May tried to make it up to me. Today was one of those lazy days where it was just me and my husband being us and I needed it so badly. He had a cold two weeks ago and I of course got the same cold a week later. It drained me and before I knew it, May snuck right in. Time is funny like that.

Book Before Movie: A Review of "Me Before You" by Jo Jo Moyes

**PLEASE NOTE...This is a book review and not a summary review like we all love/hate to read on Amazon. I will disclose the ending of the novel after the "Read More" option and my opinions on the novel.  If you are hoping to read the novel or see the movie please DO NOT READ AFTER THE "READ MORE" OPTION...Thank you! I really don't want to spoil anything for you!**

We've all heard about them...those epic "viral" books that has everyone ears buzzing. 

Gone Girl, Eat Pray Love, Water for Elephants (Still can't seem to finish this one), The Time Traveler's Wife, and lately "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes.

I saw the book cover "Me Before You"  long before it was popular and a must read. The author choose a book art style that reminded me of V.C. Andrews "Flowers in the Attic" series. I passed then but alas I bought it anyway in the Newark NJ airport gift shop waiting to pick up a good friend from her trip to Iceland.

To be honest, I didn't want read this book. I don't read these tragic love stories that will have me crying and mad at certain characters for their actions. I read love stories but usually on a more risque note..But like the other viral novels I decided to give it a chance and put down my smut for a little while. 

Sunday Stolen Moments!

This weekend was officially the first day of Spring in my world! It was warm here in South Eastern NY and I was barely home for any of it! lol. 

I was running around, dashing to New York City and back, making a little bit of my husband's Aunt's 60th birthday, spending time with visiting family, and getting to celebrate my grandmother's 91st birthday!! I can't believe she's 91!! 

Friday Favorites: A Few Odds & Ends

Frankly Noted - Etsy

This week stressed me out. There wasn't just one thing but a full to do list. One of my favorite sayings is "This too shall pass" and once again I find myself muttering the words softly to myself. What I have on my plate is manageable and for that I'm grateful. Very grateful. It just needs to time to see it's see it's self through. 

This weekend should bring a lot of fun my way!! For all you Doctor Who Fans and Jessica Jones fans, I'm going get to meet David Tennant and Matt Smith at Wizard Con in Manhattan!! More to come next week on that! Then I have a 60th birthday celebration for Craig's Aunt! 

On Sunday, I have a very very special 91st birthday celebration for my grandmother!! God bless her, seriously! I never thought I'd be this lucky to have her in my life this long. I hope it's a good day. I really do! 

Married Life: Currently Edition

I've always been a fan of The Graduate...

I can't believe we are no longer newlyweds!!! Our first year went by so fast!

I'm feeling a little jumbled and all over the place. There are so many things on our to do list and I'm trying not to crack under pressure meanwhile I have a family event at least once a week until July. It's a little intense right now.

About Me: Ten Ways I need to Take Care of Myself Better!

A few weeks ago I started a new Pinterest board - Beauty + Self as motivation to start taking better care of myself. Do you think I actually started pinning helpful things in order to better my own self care? Not even close...

I had a good start though...I did pin a few homemade beauty treatments but I need to go further! I still feel like I'm rolling out of bed, scrounging myself together to look presentable, and sprinting to my college classes. Oh yes, I do miss the good ole college years and it's a bad habit I still fall into quite often.