My Weight Loss Journey...Check-In #1

Starting Weight: 212 lbs
Height: 5' 6"

Good evening everyone and welcome to my weight loss journey check-in #1. All throughout my life my weight gain/loss has been a yoyo. I'd lose a little then gain more back...lose a little, let my great habits slide away and gain more back. I'd lose weight only in my face or the scale wouldn't budge leaving me discouraged. This process has been an inconsistent mess and even that is an understatement.

Since meeting my husband in 2010 I've gained approximately 40 pounds. Honestly, I didn't even see it on my body for a long time. It didn't go just one place but everywhere little by little. I always had large thighs and I've always been at least 2 bra cup sizes bigger than my friends so I guess I just didn't notice the weight gain. It crept up on me and altered my ways of eating, thinking, and drastically affected my energy levels.

I wish I didn't have to say this but how I really saw how much weight I had gained was in my wedding photos. I felt beautiful that day and still feel the flutters when I see the pictures even though I wish I had exercised more, eaten better, and made weight loss a higher priority in my life. Too many times I'm taking the easy way out of dinner..."Let's just get a pizza! Or Let's just order this! I'm too tired to make quinoa!" All of this has got to change and I know it will be for the better.  No more Excuses!

The Positive Changes - Starting Now

One thing I must promise myself in this journey is to be kind to myself. It's been a struggle from Day one, but I must promise to be there for myself and not be the worst critic. Easier said then done. 

I've already put some positive change into effect to help me acknowledge my strengths/weaknesses. 

1.) I purchased a Fitbit Flex

I've had the activity tracker a few weeks now and the realization that I barely have been walking 5,000 steps a day was daunting. Once I saw the numbers for at least 2 weeks I knew something had to give.

2.) Left the Expensive Fancy gym for a practical gym - Retro Fitness. 

The new gym should be opening extremely soon and I couldn't be more excited! The fancy gym could not give me what I needed. I need easy accessible machines, classes where there is a variety of people not just the MTV's long lost backup dancers, and I need a gym without the bells & whistles. Oh and a gym that doesn't provide pizza every first Monday of the month and bagels - Yup had that bad experience. 

3.) Preparing Snacks/Meals. 

For Meals, I've decided I need to learn how to cook more staple fast order nutritious items. I'm going to use blogs to help me out on that one! Snacks is the more of an hot ticket item for me. I need to prepare healthy snacks so I don't succumb to the pretzels, the candy machine, or any other diet buster I know lurks in the diet abyss which is my job.

4.) Kick my Soda Addiction.

This one will be the hardest because of the headaches I know will occur. I didn't think I had an addiction until the headaches started. I would drink a soda for lunch at least and possibly a cup of soda at dinner. To me it didn't seem like a lot. To my body...It must be some of it's lifeline. 
But this too shall pass...

5. Purchased several Fit Girl Ebooks.

The Ebooks are just sitting on my desktop...waiting to be picked and prodded. I began following the Fit Girl Guide on Instagram a few months ago and finally I'm going to join in the fun! There are recipes, daily inspiration, and exercises! Ooo and group challenges!

Overall I'm going to start off slow...A few small changes here and there. My main goal is to shed those 40 pounds to be more healthy for my height and pear body type. 

My weight loss check-in will be every 2 weeks to give myself a longer time between mini goals to  prevent discouragement and abandonment of my these aspirations!

*Keeping my fingers crossed* 

How are you staying in shape these days? 
What the most important part of your weight loss journey? 
I'd love to hear...

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  1. Love ur plan! Good luck! Though i dont think u need luck cause u have lots of determination!