Weekend Stolen Moments...

This weekend was non-stop go go go...But all the fun kinds of go go go...

Five Blogging Tips from an Avid Blog Reader...

For starters, I love reading blogs! It's a past-time I'm ever so grateful I stumbled upon about 6 years ago. Honestly I had no real idea what a blog was until I saw Julie & Julia. Julie blogged her way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and it pretty much went viral. I had no idea it could be so involved and rewarding. I used to have a live journal growing up and the fall-out from an ex reading it caused me to abandon my writing. Every once in a while I used to write a little post in myspace where the newsfeed used to have surveys or a longer blurb on my profile. But blogging was something new which I happily jumped on the bandwagon. 

From reading 1,000+ blogs in this time I've noticed a few things that have helped me embrace new blogs and make sure I come back to read it again and again.

Friday Favorites: Hello from the Other Side...

Happy Thanksgiving from Melanie & Craig aka Toots + Dill!

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple went off perfectly! Of course we didn't get to see all the family we would've like to see but some years you have to just stay close to home and enjoy the new memories. My mother-in-law hosted and made an absolutely amazing turkey! It's official that I now like turkey gravy! Well hers for starters! My parents came to her place too and the five of us continued a new tradition. I also got to see my grandmother and hearing her tell me she loved me too was beautiful and precious. 

Toots + Dill: Thankful for Everything

 One of my favorite wedding photos...

This week has been crazy...I've worked long hours and closed the door on my last cupcake class. It's been a long month that zipped by too fast.  I'm so excited to go to my mother-in-laws for Thanksgiving and just reflect & relax. The free turkey has been bought and carted from my fridge to my mother-in-laws. The gravy has been made, the shrimp bought, the apples are ready to go for the pies, the pre-Thanksgiving and the calm before the even more craziness can be felt. 

Friday Favorites: Movie Night - Ladies Night!

Finally it's Friday!!!! This week was a rough one for me, but the weekend will definitely be a good one. I'm going to a Ladies Night on Saturday so I thought it would be fitting to do a Ladies Night - Movie Night. Some Forgotten favorites, Some New Favorites, and some Oldies but Goodies.

Toots + Dill...Life Lately

Happy Thursday Everyone! Well, I'm going to try and make it a happy one...In South Eastern New York it's a little dreary today. Our first sprinkle of snow is peeking around the corner and a rainstorm is ready get started. But it's a good day rainy day to get things done.

Confessions of a Professional Wedding Guest: A New Engagement!

For every wedding journey there is a beginning. Ultimately your guests will wind up at the table photos and amazing group shots like below, but it's a long road to get there.

Writing...A Fresh Start


Last Friday, I made a bold statement admitting things I'd like to embrace & attempt in the next few months. Read such daring post here. One of the things was finish a novel.  
*Take a deep breath*

Traditions...Old & New...

The Nightmare before Christmas

Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas marks my time of year! The costumes, the turkey, the shopping, the cookies, the get-togethers, the hugs, the special moments, and the memories everlasting. It's funny though how times have changed since I've met my husband and the few years before. There are new traditions I now have to do or else it doesn't feel right. New traditions I'm eagerly awaiting this year!

Friday Favorites: 10 Favorite Things I'd Like to Try!

Happy Friday! Lately, I feel like all I've been doing is work, sleep, & repeat. It's quite boring. Time is racing by and I feel like I'm missing some opportunities to put the pedal to the metal sort a speak.

Cupcake Class: Owl Day - A Fall Classic...

My Owl Cupcakes from Cupcake Class!

Monday Motivation - Check-In 2.5

Starting Weight 11/2/15: 214.2 lbs
Check-In #3 11/16/15: T.B.D.

Happy Monday! I promised myself I would not weigh myself until 2 weeks have passed but I was so motivated today I had to give a half update.

Sunday Stolen Moments...

 My friend Dawn laughing, me in aqua smiling, and my friend Debra with the curls at her Sweet 16...

This weekend brought some much needed friend recap time! The picture above was taken over 14 years ago and all three of us girls are still friends. Of course we don't see each other as often as we'd like, but the friendship is still there and going strong. 

Randomness: Mini Fall Wishlist

My Mini Fall Sur La Table Wishlist - All Items Under $12

Fall & the Upcoming Holidays are my favorite times of the year. I may groan over the stress, but deep inside I love the hustle & bustle. This is Craig and I's first holiday season as a married couple and I'm hoping to make it a special one!! 

I might be starting a little early with the lil reindeer cutie tealight holder but I know the mass frenzy for Xmas decorations will start soon!

Married Life: The Newlywed Questions...

Like any newlywed couple we are getting the questions....

"How's Married Life"
"When are you going to move?"
"When are you going to have kids?"
"Are you sharing health insurance?"
"Do you have one bank account now?"
"Did you change your name yet?"

Melanie a.k.a. Toots: 20 Things About Me!

 Me at my 30th Birthday breakfast!

Hi Everyone! I realized I sorta popped into the blogging world without really saying hello and telling you all a little bit about me. =)

Starting Over - Weight Loss Check-In #2

Check-In #2 - November 2nd, 2015
Starting Weight: 214.2 lbs
 ~ Guilty of underestimating my starting weight two weeks ago ~ 

Stolen Moments Sunday

My November Ban.do Agenda...Ready to be filled!

Hello November! Like the rest of the blogging community I'm shocked that it's November. Even though I got to go to two Halloween parties I'm still am in shock Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas *gasp* is approaching fast. But there is two months to set it all right.