Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

This week has run away from me and the Christmas mindset of 3 and half days off of work has replaced all rational thought! I still have a few gifts yet to buy - thankfully Amazon Prime has helped out greatly - and it's been crunch time at work in order to finish all my work before those glorious 3 & a half days off. Maybe just maybe I'll get to make a cookie or two before Chritmas eve! I'm looking forward to having a nice little Christmas with my little family.

I'm going to sign off for the rest of week and finally take a much needed break. I work in advertising and it's been non-stop since August. I'm even looking forward to next week where again I will get a little breather with 3 & half more days off. It's exactly what I need to reboot for the new year, which I'm eagerly looking forward to! 2016 is going to be a year of personal growth and wonderful things to come. I can feel it...It's going to happen! 

I hope everyone & their families have a wonderful Holiday Season! 

Merry Christmas 
Love, Melanie aka Toots

I'll see you all next week! =) 


Friday Favorites - The Ultimate Christmas Movie List

Still from The Nightmare Before Christmas

I love movies and this Friday I thought would compile an ultimate list of all the Christmas movie favorites! Yes, I'm finally in the Christmas spirit and actually put up my little tree! I'm listening to the old favorites, but I have yet to see any Christmas movies this year except for Home Alone! My goal this weekend is to change this and jam pack as many as I can! =) My in-laws are having their annual pj Christmas on Saturday, my friends are having  a cookie exchange Saturday night, and Sunday is cookie day with my mom! It's going to be so much fun and I can't wait! 

Now onto the Movies! 

Simple Math for Two Simple Changes

I promise no common core will be discussed here!!! No seriously, not joking.

Lately I've been reflecting on the holidays and the upcoming new year. A lot of changes are going to have to be made in order to move forward and finally take those next few steps. Some changes I've already put into motion and I'm so happy I did! 

Married Life: Starting a New Hobby Together...

 She + Him - Zoey Deschanel + M. Ward
~If you have not checked them out, please's a nice lil treat ~

Sometimes I wish I could sing. Not like crazy amazing Adele singing or Zoey Deschanel or Katy Perry...just carry a little tune in my tone deaf world. Why you ask do I wish for a talent a lot of people are blessed with already? So I could start a band with my husband Craig aka Dill and start a new hobby for just the two of us. He is a bass player, rhythm guitarist, and has a knack for on the other hand...well it's not so simple. I have low tones missing in my ears and the sound I hear coming out of mouth half the time is not what everyone else hears. Unfortunately this dream joint hobby of ours will never come true...but it opens the door for more possibilities!

Stolen Moments Sunday

At a Pop-Up Art Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Earrings: Betsy Johnson Bow Drop Earrings - bought at Macy's - mentioned here

This weekend was full of little adventures and new memories. 

Friday Favorites + Happy Things

Some lil Random Gift Suggestions:
 1. Betsy Johnson Bow Drop Earrings - Macy's in store
2. Mid-Century Cocktail Shaker - West Elm
3. Custom Stamp Gift Set - Paper Source
4. Beck Cheese Board + 3 Copper Cheese Knife Set - Crate & Barrel
5. Oxo Cookie Press w/ Storage Box - Sur La Table

Married Life: Starting a Collection...

This Christmas season has meant a lot more to me than the usual bells, whistles, and the occasional candy cane. It's Craig and I's first Christmas as husband & wife. One of the new ladies at my job found this out and she Ooohed and Awwed. It was nice to tell the story of how Craig and I met, tales from our dating time, and our hopes for the future. Then she proceeded to ask me if I was doing anything new this holiday season because we were married. I went on to describe our traditions and when it was her turn her Christmas' married life holiday traditions lit a light bulb over my head of something I so need to start doing this year!

Randomness: Waiting Patiently...Kind Of...

1. Star Wards - The Force Awakens - IMDB

Here's a little story about my parents...My parents met in 1978 at a wedding. My mother caught the bouquet and my father caught the garter. True Story - I kid you not. They had a magical kiss and they exchanged land-line phone numbers. My dad didn't call. My mom did. After some persuasion, they decided to go out for a real date and luck turned it that a certain movie was still playing in the theaters after months and months. Star Wars - Episode 4 - A New Hope. Yes, my parents first date was actually to see the original Star Wars movie! Needless to say, my fan girl tendencies was born that day. I was destined to be a nerd and a have a deep love for movie folklore. =)

Married Life...Babies!

Baby Boom - Imdb

Life is beautiful.  There are so many wonderful experiences to have and once in a while you get to be a part of something so very special you will remember it forever. As an only child and someone with a very small family there hasn't been many babies born where I got to rush to the hospital and eagerly await meeting a cutie newborn baby. When my little cousin was born, I was three...way too little to remember much, except her infamous baptism I can still recall. When my goddaughter was born there was a sea of people waiting to pick her up and I didn't get to spend as much time with her as a baby as I would have liked. But today was different...

Movie Night: Recent Catches & a Must-See!

Tonight is one of those nights, where we're the week wore Craig & I down, leaving us in a dazed movie night only state. Oh and a mini Jeopardy marathon will of course make an appearance! We used to watch Jeopardy semi regularly when we first moved in together so I'm happy we're trying to bring it back! But onto the Movies!! 

No Spoilers - I promise!

Friday Favorites: Please Come Home for Christmas...

1. Porcelain Cityscape - West Elm
2. Snowman & Friends Mugs - Sur La Table
3. Reindeer Trivet - Crate Barrel
5.  Outdoor Ornament Pine Wreath - Pottery Barn

Holiday Traditions & Activities Favorites - Blog Hop!

I've mentioned some of my holiday traditions here last month but I'd like to delve a little deeper into the new ones I'm starting this year! 

Hello December...

Snippet from my Xmas cupcake class

Hello December!! I'm so excited for December but I wish my cold would go away. I knew it was going to happen, but luckily I'm sick in the beginning of the month because I have so much fun stuff planned!