Friday Favorites: 30 Things You Didn't Know About Me! =)


Hello April!! Wow March was such an amazing blogging month for me!! I can't believe how much this lil blog has grown in such a short time and I'm so grateful & thankful to interact with all you lovely people! 

So I thought it would switch up this Friday Favorites and write a little more about me besides my usual random lifestyle posts! I love getting to know the real people behind the blog and here's a little peek into my world! =)

Married Life: First Wedding Anniversary + Happy Easter!

Sometimes you have to go into the holidays hoping for the best with a small plan of action to follow. I knew Church was at 11am and we had reservations at 2pm for Brunch. I did make it to both but wow it was a fast-paced crazy day that somehow ended in finally having a small piece of my wedding cake!! =) Yup that's what happens when your first wedding anniversary falls on Easter.  


Friday Favorites: My Top Ten Favorite Date Night Ideas

Yeah for the weekend!!! I find the weeks after a few days off are always the worst. This week dragged on and on and I'm grateful for a half of day tomorrow! Woohoo!! 

I think a massage is in cards for this girl tomorrow afternoon!

This weekend is going to be extra special this year! Yes it is Easter Weekend but Sunday is my first wedding anniversary!!! A year just flew by with a blink of an eye. Seriously...where did the time go?!? 

In honor of my wedding anniversary I thought I would share My Top Ten Date Night Ideas Craig and I love to go do!! Our date nights have been epic times with great memories!! Hopefully it will inspire you too!

Currently + Thursday Thoughts


~ Wishing I was running my cupcake class this Spring! I miss my cupcakes!! In the fall I will be back as the adult education cupcake decorating teather! ~
~  Wishing I had sold out tickets to see Batman vs. Superman tomorrow night! ~

~ Wishing I could stay home and snuggle with my cats - Angel and Gabby all day long ~

HS Book Project: ReReading My High School English Reading List

On my little trip I noticed something I seem to forget about airports. There are always those lil over priced stores and kiosks with a random assortment of novels, usually consisting of the next best title & the classics I can't remember reading in high school. The high school books always call to me and catch my wandering eye. I can slightly remember the plots from the cliff notes and the films I know I watched but alas I know I didn't read the whole book for a lot of them. 

For some reason lately this has been bothering me more and more...

I'm Back! Ten Thoughts to Kick Off the Week!

Me overlooking the water in beautiful Fort Lauderdale #myhappyplace

Sometimes a little break is exactly what you need to reboot and revitalize! Florida was awesome and just the right amount of time away from the craziness! More to come on our trip soon! Literally I went from Florida, the state to the town of Florida, New York the next day for a bridal shower so I'm still a little drained. I had so much coffee and red bull to get through it all!! =)

I'm Off to Florida!! Happy St. Patty's Day too!

Sometimes your life just knows when it needs a break! Time is flying by like crazy. I can't believe tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and in a week & half its Easter. I'm shaking my head as I write this in disbelief. Time is going wayy too fast. 

Craig and I are going to take it slow for the next few days in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We will be celebrating his granfather's 85th birthday as well down there! I'm so excited to celebrate some happy times with loving people. =)

I wish you all a happy & safe St. Patty's Day and have a wonderful rest of your week!

I'll be back on Sunday! =)

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Randomness: A Little Corner of Music Nostaglia

Something you might not know about me is that I'm a 100% complete and utter fan girl. 

Earlier this week I took part in a Twitter chat from #TheGirlGang formed by Jenna @Dorkface and it hit home in a lil place in my fan girl heart. It was about 90's nostalgia and oh how I long for my emo/boy band days! It was so much fun to chat with these ladies of all ages and places in the world who like same things I did!!! It's funny how similar we all really are out there!

Appropriately I somehow caught "She's All That" over the weekend on TV! That's a movie I always stop and watch if I catch it. Then I heard that there is some form of "Cruel Intentions" spin-off TV series coming?!? Sarah Michele Gellar even dyed her hair dark again for her role!! Oh and apparently Fall Out Boy parodied N'SYNC for their new music video "Irresistible" AND Joey Fatone & Chris Fitspatrick are in the video!!!! Yeah I can't contain the fan girl happiness...

Married Life: How Can I Possibly Handle All My In-Law Family Events...

Before I met Craig, my immediate family was a grand total of 13 people. This includes my mother's side of the family and my father's side. The "events" we had were the normal run of the mill stuff small families celebrated together. Birthdays, communions, graduations, 25th wedding anniversaries, and the occasional Pocono Mountain beach trip. We were small brood of people and it was all I knew. 

Then I met Craig...

About Me: 10 Reasons Why I'm Excited For Spring

This weekend gave me a peek at Spring and I want more!! I've been packing all day for my Florida trip and it's really gotten me thinking of the warmer weather and all the fun things I love to do in the Spring!! 

Friday Favorites: 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week!

Isn't is always the way when you have something exciting coming up that time just seems to slow down like no other!! Ahh!!  I'm excited for tonight's date night at Ruth Chris Steakhouse and I need our lil vacation to Florida even if it's only for 3 days. 

Even with the getaway my life is pulling at me in another direction. The next day after I get back I'm literally going from Florida the state to Florida, NY! Haha! I'm attending a bridal shower the next day in the town named Florida at The Sweet Onion Brewhouse and I'm sooo excited for it too!! To say it's going to non-traditional is an understatement...It's going to be a lot of fun!  

Currently + Thursday Thoughts...


~ Wishing one of my best friend's family's peace in their sad time. Her grandmother passed away last week and I attended the wake tonight. Her grandmother was such a funny woman, always remembered me and her wig was always just a lil crooked. ~ 

~ Wishing for a great lil trip to Ft Lauderdale next week. Craig and I desperately need this lil break to reboot and have some fun! ~

~ Wishing for spring carnivals to start popping up in my county! The latest "Girls" episodes has made me want cotton candy like no other!!  ~

Health Update: Five Small Health Goals Achieved!

The beginning of this year has given me some ups and downs. I've been rolling with the punches and trying not to think when the next shoe will fall. The next shoe has already fallen and I really don't know all the facts yet. It will affect my family and I just need to know more. I'm hoping this weekend coming up will place me firmly in the loop so I know the actions that will need to take place to help and heal. 

The uncertainty concerns my uncle health's and it has hiked up the notch on my health awareness. I myself have had 3 surgeries in my life. Two to remove breast fibroids and the other was to remove my gall bladder. It was an odd period of 3 years and some of it now is just a blur. I haven't had a new fibroid growth in six years *knock on wood* and I really need to remind myself how important it is to be mindful of my overall well-being.

Married Life: Traditionally The First Year Wedding Anniversary Gift is Paper?

Design: My Wedding Cake Topper w/ Free Canva help! =)
One of my favorite parts of my wedding was my cake topper! It was so us! 

My husband - my garage band king - is one of the easiest people to buy a present for on special occasions. He has wishlists on Amazon and Guitar Center. I also can walk into Guitar Center and anything musical would suffice as an "Omg Fucking Awesome!" gift.

I've been very lucky...up until now. 

About Me: A New Notebook for a New Normal

The Mermaid Journal via The Paper Source

Did I really say this weekend was going to be slow? Did I really? 

Well I was wrong. I'm sitting here writing this post and I can't believe everything that happened. Ladies Night w/ In-Law gossip, Deadpool (yes, again), dinner for a friend's bday, watching Creed (excellent movie), almost finished Fuller House, had brunch w/ Craig and his mom, went to an Open House, caught up with my mom, made our Easter/Anniversary Plans, visit to grandma in the nursing home, supermarket shopping, AND The Walking Dead AND a mini trip to the Paper Source. Whew. I'm tired and this week is just getting started. 

Saturday Savings: How I Saved Money in February

This year Saving Money is always on my mind and it's been a successful run so far! January was a great month of savings for me. I kept up my $35 a week for lunch goal and was able to save an extra $40+ for my mad money jar. As well as additional savings brought on by my heightened awareness of my daily life and decisions.

Friday Favorites: Bunnies + DIY + Cheap Ricotta!

1. Easter Bunny Kitchen Towel - Here
2. Ceramic Bunnies - Here
3. Ceramic Easter Basket - Here
4. Egg Ornament Boxed Set - Here
5. Easter Bunny Measuring Spoons - Here

I know Wednesday & Thursdays are the usual confession post days for bloggers but I have to confess something else today. On March 3rd, 2016 I took down the last of my Christmas decorations.  

*Hanging my head down in shame*

Currently...Thursday Thoughts

+ For things to get a little easier + No more snow! We've been lucky here in NY but not sure how long our luck is going to hold out! February was hard month so I'm hoping Spring will bring in some good vibes + wonderful sunny days. 

+ Wishing I could go see Aladdin on Broadway! I see a commercial for it at least once a day!

What's Hap "Pinning" Wednesday! Hello March!

Through the last few years March has become the most special month of the year for me!!

Why you ask?

Well in 2014 Craig proposed to me on the first day of Spring March 20th and in 2015 I got married to my garage band king on March 27th. This March in 2016 I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary!! On Easter too! =P 

Move over chocolate bunny - I have my wedding cake to eat!  I just hope the top of my wedding cake is still good! Yup, it's still in my freezer hopefully chilling away! =) 

Is this wedding tradition still alive??
Do people still save the top of their Wedding Cakes??