Married Life: A New Home Wishlist

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One of my big goals this year that hasn't been forgotten is a big next step in Craig and me's marriage...

Buying our first home together. 

Currently we live in my tiny studio apartment of a lil under 500 sq feet. I swear it's not a tiny home, lol, it's just a small condo, which I've been happily living in for the past 5 and half. Two Years alone, Three & half years with Craig and his two fur babies Angel & Gabby. It's a tight fit but it's time to say goodbye to my lil home. 

Hello May...Stolen Moments Sunday

April was a hard month. There I said it. I have promised myself to be "myself" in this lil space of mine and today is no different. 

The last 2 weeks of April hit me hard and the freshness of the first rainy day in May tried to make it up to me. Today was one of those lazy days where it was just me and my husband being us and I needed it so badly. He had a cold two weeks ago and I of course got the same cold a week later. It drained me and before I knew it, May snuck right in. Time is funny like that.