A Few Ideas for a Quiet Saturday...

I just love this photo...These beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming outside my office buidling! I still can't believe I took this picture with my phone!

I just love rainy Saturdays! This weekend is one of my last weekends before the birthdays and the family events completely take over my life for the next few weeks! It's going to be a rough one, but fun nonetheless. 

Today I'm on a hunt for a cafe who does Latte art in my county without venturing into New York City. I have a few places to scope out and I'm hoping it's a success. My first stop has a maple bacon donut that is calling my name!!

Here are a few ideas for this quiet Saturday... 

  1.  Watch a movie you wouldn't normally watch on Netflix
  2.  Start a New Book - Recomendation: "Me Before You" by Jojo Meyers
  3.  Go Estate Sale/Garage Sale Hunting
  4.  Have lunch in a cafe/restaurant you've never been before.
  5.  Catch a matinee - Recomendation: "Hello my name is Dolly"
  6.  Organize old pictures and momentos into photoboxes. 
  7.  Buy a disposable camera and use the whole roll. 
  8.  Check out an open house for new home. 
  9.  Borrow your mother's DLSR camera for the day!
  10.  Go Dress Shopping for your next big event! 
  11.  Check out the Bargain Book Shelves at Barnes & Noble 
  12.  Check out a local band at a bar  
  13.  Print out some pictures from your phone! 
  14.  Pick up an old project you've lost track of
  15.  Try out one of your Pinterest Pins you can't resist!
Enjoy your Saturday! 

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  1. Some really great ideas you have there!

    Christina ♡ from Okay Christina

  2. Love this :-)


  3. Great ideas here :) I love Saturdays..