Saturday Musings and Snow??

My favorite part of my mantel

~ Like most the eastern U.S. we got snow today on April 9th. Yup, so happy I did not got married this year, but last year when the weather was more normal March/April...not like November/December. Ha! ~

~ As I mentioned in my "30 Things You Didn't Know About Me" I have a horrific relationship with shoes. I have high arches, flat feet, AND torsal tension. Yup, my feet don't like me. Anywho, I went to The Walking Company today on a whim after a lot of internet searching for more comfortable shoes... Well...I'm a changed woman. Not only did I find shoes that actually DIDN'T hurt my feet, but they are SUPER CUTE!!!  You will definitely start seeing my new shoes in my future posts! Oh and the two ladies who helped me were so super helpful and it's was so nice!! =) ~ 

~ Confession: Today was my first trip to Starbucks this year. I'm not a Starbucks girl at all. It's not that I don't have them near's just I get flustered trying to figure how to order stuff. I broke the norm and ordered the Carmelized Honey Latte every blogger is chatting about now. OMG it's delicious!!!! I just had the hot one and seriously it was amazing!  Definitely worth it! 

~ I've really enjoyed Project Runway All-Stars this season! Lifetime is pretty awesome where they have the new shows On Demand pretty fast. Can't wait to see who wins this season!! ~ 

~ Before my best friend's birthday shenanigans, Craig and I are going to see HardCore Henry! I hope it doesn't make me nauseous because it's in a first person perspective. It looks so awesome!! ~  

I hope your enjoying your Saturday!! =)

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  1. We also got snow today and I was not impressed with giant snow globules in my face leaving work! What the heck April. Get this business together. Hopefully it gets back to nice weather and I can actually go outside again :).

  2. First off, I really like your blog design! I love Project Runway. I didnt keep up with the last couple seasons like I usually do, but I think Ive watched all the seasons prior. So good!