Book Before Movie: A Review of "Me Before You" by Jo Jo Moyes

**PLEASE NOTE...This is a book review and not a summary review like we all love/hate to read on Amazon. I will disclose the ending of the novel after the "Read More" option and my opinions on the novel.  If you are hoping to read the novel or see the movie please DO NOT READ AFTER THE "READ MORE" OPTION...Thank you! I really don't want to spoil anything for you!**

We've all heard about them...those epic "viral" books that has everyone ears buzzing. 

Gone Girl, Eat Pray Love, Water for Elephants (Still can't seem to finish this one), The Time Traveler's Wife, and lately "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes.

I saw the book cover "Me Before You"  long before it was popular and a must read. The author choose a book art style that reminded me of V.C. Andrews "Flowers in the Attic" series. I passed then but alas I bought it anyway in the Newark NJ airport gift shop waiting to pick up a good friend from her trip to Iceland.

To be honest, I didn't want read this book. I don't read these tragic love stories that will have me crying and mad at certain characters for their actions. I read love stories but usually on a more risque note..But like the other viral novels I decided to give it a chance and put down my smut for a little while. 

 Book Review: "Me Before You" By Jojo Moyes

I am happy to say that I really enjoyed reading this book. It's been a long time since I read a believable realistic story which felt like I was sitting in the room with the characters experiencing the events along with them. It was tragic, yes I did shed a few tears, and I laughed out loud for some great scenes. Will and Lou's banter was so great and fun to read. 

I anticipated William Traynor passing at the end because right next to the book at the book store was the sequel "After You". Yeah talk about a huge spoiler there. Perhaps because it wasn't a shock to me I tried to enjoy the story for what it was and not have high hopes for a different ending.

The ending wasn't shocking and I'm torn about whether he should have given Lou a chance. However, it was a beautiful sentiment how grateful Will was for 6 months they had together. There is a delicate balance of morality and the right choices within the novel with Will choosing to end his life and I feel like Moyes handled this topic with dignity and respect. I liked how she had the police report confirming that the family and especially Lou tried to save him and give him hope.

I was so relieved when Lou wound up with Will in Switzerland for the last moments. I was almost screaming at the book when Lou almost missed his death. If she didn't go I think she would have regretted it forever. She needed that closure to move on and embrace Will's gifts to her of a peek into the rest of the world. Her anger was understandable but if I was Katrina I would have kicked her butt out of the house to say goodbye. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the character, Louisa Clark, and Moyes writing made you feel like you were feeling her every thought. The good and the bad. Lou has a bit of every personality type which made her so relatable. Everyone has there own bumble bee tights story and when Will got her the pair for her birthday it was my favorite part! I can't see anyone not relating to some part of her and wanting her to follow Will's instructions to live life to the fullest. I cried the few times Will held her hand and pushed himself to do so. It was just so sweet that he learned her too. I have a feeling Emilia Clarke will do the character justice and I actually look forward to the movie now more than ever. 

This book did take me a long time to read...probably because I was avoiding the ending I secretly knew.  I'm a very visual person so I was happy to have the movie actors in my head while I read.  I would recommend it to a friend if most for the beautiful writing and it's such a complete story where there really isn't many questions left unanswered. 

I don't know if I will read "After You"... I want to imagine Lou staying in Paris or continuing her journey to the rest of the world never forgetting Will's words to her. "Me before You" was so complete that a sequel might be too forced...which is some of the reviews I've been catching. Maybe one dayI'll read it...just not right away.

I will definitely be bringing tissues to the movie...I may know what happens but seeing it is different than reading it. Can't wait! 

Did You Read "Me Before You"? 
What Were Your Thoughts on the Book?

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  1. Oh you should definitely read After You, I loved it!

  2. I always love hearing about new books! I'll add it to my must-read list!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  3. oh i never thought about it but you are so right, the title of after you is a huge spoiler! i read me before you before after you was out so even though i thought he would die, i didn't want him to. sigh. after you was good but weird. it was good on its own but not necessarily good as a sequel.

  4. I read it. I loved it. Went and read the sequel too! Can't wait to see the movie. I'll be featuring this on next week's Tuesday Talk linkup.

  5. eek thanks for the warning! this is on my list to read! I can't wait to check it out! :)