March Savings: Several Ways I Saved Money in March!

To accomplish my yearly goals there is one important thing I need to move forward...Money! I'm grateful and lucky for my salary job and I need to stretch it a little further. 

Each month in 2016 I've been keeping track of my finances and attempting to make more responsible decisions to minimize my spending. 

I'm starting to truly see the difference, especially in my credit card statements. I still can't believe my AMEX bill was under $200?!?! That has happened in months!! I have to keep it up and I have to keep going! =)

Several Ways I've Saved Money This March 

~ Movie Matinees, no 3D, and bought tickets at box office - NOT online.
 Ticket Difference: $3-$5 & No Service Fees
Saved: At least $12-$15 per visit

(Am I the only one who gets nauseous and gets headaches from 3D movies?!?)

~ On our trip to Florida we stayed with Craig's grandparents for the two nights. 
Saved: Approx $250-$300

~ Made the personal choice to open a new store credit card for Torrid. There is a rewards program and special deals for card holders. Upon opening the card I saved $15 my purchase.
Future Potential Savings: $$

~ Stopped ordering alcohol at dinners out. I feel like the drinks are watered down anyway. ~ 
Saved: approx $30

~ Choose Redbox and Free On Demand Movies than ordering movies. ~ 
Saved: $3-6 per movie

~ Food/Drink Sizes are different nowadays...Opted for Smalls then going for Larges especially for drinks/coffee...
Saved: A little hard to tell but at a movie theater there is big difference in price.

~ Avoided Target, Kohls, and Bath & Body Works. 
Truth: I haven't stepped foot into BBW since Christmas. It took a lot of willpower but I did it. 
Saved: Knowing me...At Least $100

~ Continuing to use free services for my blog. ~ 
Future Potential Savings: $$

~ Food Shopping Coupons & On Sale Savings. I comb through the ad for great sales! ~ 
Saved: Easily $100
Additionally staying home and using what's actually in my fridge has helped out as well.  Also once again store coupon codes on your phone. I find it best to always shop with a charged phone! =)

With just the few ways above I saved just about $500 this month!!  

It boggles my mind how I could spend so much on such simple things...

How Did You Save Money Last Month? 

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  1. Wow, well done! Paying attention to small things or cutting back on tiny expenses really adds up! Have a lovely day, sweetie.

  2. Well done, lady! This is a great post idea!

  3. Avoiding Target & Kohls would make a world of difference for me too!
    Our movies dont do matinees anymore :( BOO!

  4. Love all of these ideas. I am with you on the 3D movies. They always give me a headache. I hate the surcharges when you buy movie tickets online, but sometimes we have to do it if it is a popular movie. Way to go on saving money!

  5. It really is amazing how much you can save if you don't actually go into a store! I have to make sure I don't shop online too because that's definitely my vice!

  6. Not going in to stores definitely helps save money! Meal planning has also saved us money so that we don't order take out. I agree that 3D movies are not fun - my whole family prefers traditional to 3D.