Married Life: "What's for Dinner" Debacle + Pinned Recipes

The #1 topic Craig and I fight about is the dreaded "What's for Dinner" conversation. It happens everyday between 5pm-5:15pm. My husband is a picky eater and I'm trying to eat healthy. It creates an uneven battlefield.

The only possibile way to dig out of this is to try some new recipes...and keep on trying even more new ones.

It would be so easy if we could have tacos everyday. I swear my husband could eat a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel everyday for breakfast and a taco/burrito for dinner without one complaint. =P

 But alas I need to try new things to help out my life balance I'm desperately trying to reach. I need some quick and easy dinners and of course the more elaborate ones for fancy stay in dinner dates. It's been fun scoping out Pinterest for recipes and I'm sure it's going to be even more fun trying them out! =P

8 Recipes I Can't Wait to Try!

 Pinned Recipes I would Love to Try:

Pinned Recipes I would Love to Try:

I had to throw at least one taco in there!! hehe. 

Now onto the hard part...getting my husband to trust me with the new recipes! Hopefully the "I'll try anything once"  attitude is still on the table with him! =)

What Recipes Are You Trying Out Lately?
Do You Have a Go-To Weekly Meal? 

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  1. Haha we have the same dreaded convo around the same time every.single.night! These all look delish! Especially the avocado caprese chicken saled - YUM <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Stop by our house at around those times, you'll hear us having the same convo..."what's for dinner?" I have started meal planning on Sunday's so I hit up Pinterest for new recipes and go grocery shopping that day too. So now, everyday we know what we are having. Makes it SO much easier. I would love to hardcore bulk meal plan...but I just can't do that! Definitely checking these pins out!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  3. This cracked me up. My hubby is a VERY adventurous eater, and I'm the pickiest of the So I understand the struggle. I rarely try anything new, so some nights we just agree to eat different things.


  4. Oh my gosh - I totally feel ya on the what's for dinner question! Thankfully Gary will eat anything I make so he's not picky but it's coming up with ideas that's hard!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That shrimp looks SO delicious and of course the tacos too! In our house I'm the picky one so Derek will go with anything I make!

  6. Hmmm that easy roasted garlic shrimp is one I must try! Yum!! And I'm with you, this is the argument that will never go away! I actually think meal planning is the way to go!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  7. I am totally eyeing that avodaco chicken salad in the first collage! If something has avocado in it I'm automatically interested haha

  8. What is it about couples not being able to decide what's for dinner? I mean, seriously?! My hubs and I have been having that great debate for YEARS now and it seems to get worse the older we get. Lol.

  9. ooh that pasta spinach salad looks delish! i'm always looking for new good recipes to try!

    cute & little

  10. We have the same issue! I'm always looking for new recipes to try! The zucchini lasagna rolls and the roasted pepper flatbread look delicious!

    Doused In Pink

  11. I'm dying to trying the zucchini lasagna roll ups!! Thanks for posting the recipe! I made the regular spinach lasagna roll ups a few weeks ago, and EVERYONE on my instagram suggested I try substituting the pasta for zucchini. I'll be curious to hear if you try it out soon!

  12. You just did my grocery shopping for me! Thanks.