My October 2018 Goals

October is a big busy month for me and I already feel slightly behind. Hopefully #Blogtober will help keep me on track with my goals this month. 31 Days, 31 Blogposts. I decided to come back to blogging last month and this everyday posting schedule should be great motivation for me!
On top of my busy month, I'm a marketing analyst by day and deal with the weekly ads in your local newspapers, therefore we are already preparing for the extended holiday workload. Lots of busy work, long hours, and mental burnout. Self care is definitely going to be key this month.

When I feel overwhelmed I sit down and write everything out. I probably spent too much time today organizing my bullet journal but I honestly feel better and made sure I had plenty of space for everything in my very minimal October weekly spread. Space is key for me!

First Week of October Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

I'm actually glad I took a "Before" picture because this pretty clean bullet journal page is no longer clean & pretty.

 Alright, let's get started on the my goals for October.

1. #Blogtober

- Blog 31 Days - 31 Blogposts - Various Topics

Everyday in October I will post a new blog post, even on Saturdays. I have found that the weekends are not strong blogging days, so I might do some Halloween movie category posts. -

2. Prep and Outline Book #2

- #NanoWrimo is in the month of November and I will be taking part this year.

 50K Words - 30 Days - One Turkey - 1.66k Words A Day

I've tried in the past to tackle NanoWrimo and have failed. This time around I have a full novel written behind me at 110K words. I don't think my next novel will that long, but once you've done something once, I'm hoping it gets easier the next time and the next. -

3. Lose 5 pounds

- July and August were difficult months for me. Through those hard months I managed to lose 10 pounds and keep it off for all of September. I have to keep going. 10 pounds can turn into 15 and then can turn into 20. -

4. Save an Additional $500 this month

- In September I wrote down every single credit card transaction I made and placed it into a category. I was hoping that just the act of writing down my purchases would curb them, but no, I really do spend too much money a month. If I'm going to pursue my dreams, travel, starting a family I need to revamp things now. Small goals first. -

5. Read 3 Books

- This seems to be my magic number. Three books to read this month. I really do need to start walking at lunch time but on rainy days I will read. One of my #Blogtober posts will be reviews of September's three books. =) -

6. Family Care

- September had a lot of waiting...October is looking to be the same way. In this month of Breast Health Awareness, the doctor found a few cysts in my mother's right breast. Next week I'm taking her for a biopsy. I had fibroids, benign tumors in my right breast 8 years ago. I'm hoping and praying everything for my mom is benign as well. -

7. Self Care

- Last month I tried Aerial Yoga. It wasn't for me, but it has inspired me to search for something that is for me that could give me a small mental break during the chaos. My slight obsession with bullet journaling is helping my mental health and deep breathing but I need more. I need to care about myself and my body. I'm not comfortable in my own skin and this will be an on-going search I hope extends past October to the holiday months. -

8. Special Events

- In September I went to see Anatasia the Broadway show in Manhattan and last night I took part in "Then She Fell", an interactive immersive experience where you are physically in an "Alice in Wonderland" inspired play. It was so cool I can't even process it yet. In cahoots with my saving extra money plan I hope to save a little something extra to do more of the extravagant things New York City has to offer. NY Comic Con is this weekend, but I want to do more! =) -

Good luck and best wishes to everyone on their October/Fall Goals!

What Are Your October/Fall Goals?

My Main Mantra for October:

Book Review to come, but I had to share this quote from Colleen Hoover's "All Your Perfects" as a mantra this month. A few weeks later that book is still in my mind and it's a perfect mindset to kick me off!

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  1. Whew! You have some great October goals. Good for you! Love your journal. The idea of a handwritten journal is just so appealing, and yours is beautiful, just waiting to be filled in. Good luck with your month!

  2. You've a lot of great goals for the month - good luck with them all. And, good luck to your Mum. Waiting for tests/results is a stressful time so take care of yourself/each other. #dreamteam

  3. Some fab goals here. Wow Blogtober. That will be exciting. I've only been blogging since Jan and am looking forward to taking part in Blogmas - but 25 posts in 25 days is quite a task. I'm looking forward to it though. Good luck with all of your goals x #TriumphantTales

  4. Good luck with all of your October goals. I can't imagine writing 31 blog posts in a month. Whew! It's a good way to get back into the blogging mind sight though, I'm sure. That immersive Alice in Wonderland show sounds amazing! And I love your bullet journal. Minimal is what you need sometimes.


  5. I'm all about the minimal weekly spreads for my bullet journal too - and I always want to make them a teeny bit cuter, but pretty much it just ends up being a little highlighter for color. I love yours!

  6. Ok, Your bullet journal is GOALS! I really have been wanting to get into bullet journaling!
    I'm also working towards loosing weight and gaining some saving money! I'm cheering you on with these goals, YOU CAN DO IT!


  7. These are some great goals, wishing you luck with them all, and I really hope everything is oaky with your Mum. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, do come back next week!

  8. Wow, that's a lot of goals for October! Your bullet journal looks like the perfect place to keep track of everything and how you are getting on though out the month. My blog goal was to keep up with blogtober (excluding the weekends). It's going ok so far, but lets see. Good luck with all your goals. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam linky x