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Blogtober Day #4:
 Thursday Thoughts...

~ I finally got to have lunch and dinner at the Art Cafe in Nyack, NY and they have latte art! I just loved my dirty chai latte (w/ espresso) in this blogpost's main picture! I can't wait to go again! ~ 


Downton Abbey
~ I'm definitely a few years late to the Downton Abbey TV Show party, but I'm obsessed. All seasons are on Amazon Prime.  I'm just starting Season 2 and I love how much they integrate History with English society. It's such a good show! ~

Harry Potter Themed Cupcakes
~  Cupcake Decorating with Fondant is freaking hard. Seriously, it's so hard. Even if it looks simple it's not. I really need to work on gaining more experience it with. I made Harry Potter themed cupcakes for my boss and Whew, they came out great. ~ 

American Horror Story Apocalypse
 ~I've been waiting for this American Horror Story season for years. It's so good, I'm so happy! Finally I feel like this show is back on track with everything it has already set up. There are crossovers from other seasons that are so perfectly laid out that I have to watch last night's episode again. The attention to details for the mega fans is really being executed well. Mr March played by the Evan Peters makes an appearance and once again his dialogue is the best! ~ 

New York Comic Con
~ Now that the cupcakes are done I can focus on my costume for Comic Con.I'm the doing the biker version of an evil stepsisters, sass and all. I have to really thank Target for having a wide variety of plus size pieces in store. The majority of retailers keep their plus sizes only online which makes shopping a nightmare. No plus size woman is the same. It's so important to be able to actually try on clothes in the store before purchasing because 9 out of 10 times I don't know what size I will be depending on the fabric, cut, and price. I think I'm going to do an additional blog post all about Cosplay as a Plus Size Women because it's so difficult. But at least I found some pieces in Target to make my life a little easier. ~

What are Your Thursday Thoughts?

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  1. Did you really make those Harry Potter cupcakes? That is so cute & creative! I have always wanted to go to a comic con so I can't wait to hear how that went!
    My Thursday is pretty good just drinking my daily Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee from Dunkin Donuts while catching up my blogs and waiting for my alarm to go off to pick up my itty bitty from school so your day sounds so much more interesting lol

  2. Those cupcakes came out great! My boys are huge Harry Potter fans and would love them.

  3. Those cupcakes look amazing!!! You did a great job on the decor. Also, I freaking love AHS and this season is great so far, loving the crossovers.x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me