Holiday Traditions & Activities Favorites - Blog Hop!

I've mentioned some of my holiday traditions here last month but I'd like to delve a little deeper into the new ones I'm starting this year! 
Every year's holiday season finds me in a slightly different place with slightly different people. Last year found me at a fancy dress-up party, the year before that a holiday cookie party w/ a kiss under the mistletoe, and the year before that Craig and I snuggled up at home. I love this time because I get to remember all those special times where everyone got together, put dramas aside, and just had some holiday fun!

Christmas Holiday Party - 2013

This year I'm going to embrace my in-laws tradition of the classic pajama day Christmas, well until we go for hibachi! My in-laws started me on the pajama day experience a few years ago at their annual Christmas party/day/marathon the weekend before Christmas. It's truly something else because the whole family gets together and do a Secret Santa so we don't have to go broke buying everyone presents. They also do a special twist with the gift opening! The oldest opens first, then the youngest, then everyone alternates older/younger until the last one which is always my husband because he's smack dab in the middle! It's a special day and we get to see everyone in one place. 

Now my family on the other hand...well we are all over the place Christmas day. We don't get to see each other much for the holidays. But not this year...My mother and Aunt have decided to take on my in-laws tradition and have the Sunday after Christmas be our Christmas celebration for all us to get together. We are all bringing a dish and I hope my Aunt makes her infamous cookies! I'm not sure if the pajamas is going to fly with my crew might just have to be a dress-up party! =) I'm so happy about this! I'll actually get to see my god-daughter and my cousins I rarely see! =)
This leaves Christmas Day for just me and my husband. "My husband" still sounds weird to me after 8 months of marriage. Craig and I are actually both only children so our little Christmas is just us with our two little fur babies. We get to open our presents together and knowing him I definitely have to buy him some sort of toy to play with Christmas morning. At some point, we will venture over to my parents' place, who actually live across the street, for breakfast and more presents! Then it's back to us. =)

One of my little fur babies - Gabby!

I can't imagine where we will be in 2016...
I have a feeling this will be our last Christmas in my little studio condo and perhaps our last Christmas as just the two of us...But I'm definitely getting ahead of myself here! There's lots of plan and lots to look forward to for the new year...Lots! 

Christmas - 2014

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  1. I'm working on the "spend the day in Christmas PJs" tradition with my family; great traditions and post!

  2. Both of you look great together and I am glad that you had such lovely Christmas. This year and I am also planning a party at NYC venues and hoping that this Christmas will also turn out to be a perfect one just like last year.