Simple Math for Two Simple Changes

I promise no common core will be discussed here!!! No seriously, not joking.

Lately I've been reflecting on the holidays and the upcoming new year. A lot of changes are going to have to be made in order to move forward and finally take those next few steps. Some changes I've already put into motion and I'm so happy I did! 

1. I Got Rid of the Expensive Gym Membership

Monthly Cost: $69
Total Cost per year: $828

 I hated it. I would go for the classes and was pretty much intimidated by anything else. The gym was pretty much a fashion show, a dating scene, and a one-upper gym. Everyone was trying to out do the other and very few patrons were actually overweight looking to better their lifestyle. There also wasn't any intermediate/beginning classes to ease your way into weight loss. It was just extreme to the max. This had to go...

Enter Retro Fitness who is starting to forever change my life. 

Monthly Cost: $19.99
1x Fee: $39.00
Total Cost per Year: $279

Total Savings for 2016: $549

2. Being Mindful of my Lunch-Time Spending

Avg Weekly (M-F) Amount Spent: $50

Avg Yearly Amount Spent: $2,600

Sometimes you need to actually write your expenses out to realize you spend way too much on lunch. I'm still a little shocked I spend that much. This is an area of my life with tons of wiggle room for money saving changes! I wish I lived closer to work because I'd go home for lunch every day!

I want to say a realistic goal is to cut this amount in half. But is it realistic?
Let's meet somewhere in the middle...

Cut down to Avg Weekly (M-F) Amount Spent: $35
Avg Yearly Amount Spent: $1,820

Total Possible Savings for 2016: $800 

 Right there with two simple changes I can save over $1,200 next year instantly. 
Over the next few weeks I will be auditing myself to see where are other areas I can cut back and see real changes! I already rarely shop without a coupon or some form of discount codes but it's not enough these days. I need to dig deeper and see where my money is actually going. Cheers to a good start!

 Where Are You Trying to Cut Back for Next Year?  
I'd love to hear!

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  1. Ohh it's sucks that your gym was rubbish, can you join a cheaper one that might have a better atmosphere? Mine is great and is only £10 a month!

    Corinne x

  2. I know what you mean about gym memberships. It seems the only time I was ever comfortable going to one was when I went with my girlfriends for aerobics or something like that. Great plan on the expense planning for next year too - I need to look at this in our budget as well and see where we too can save. Thanks for stopping by to say hello on my blog today! :)

  3. I definitely need to cut back on lunches out, I'm scared to know how much I spend per month!

  4. Ive never been a gym person. I know what you mean about the gym being intimidating but it was also never conducive to my fitness either. I played competitive fieldhockey at a high level for a long time and so found the gym rather bland compared to going for a run outside or doing agilities on a field etc. But now that I have stopped playing I thought about joining the gym but just couldnt do it! So I decided to run on an outdoor trail instead. I understand that so gym-goers are in love with it, so I guess to each their own!

  5. A couple times a year my husband and I sit down and do a budget. It is amazing when you find out where your money really goes. Our huge expense is always food but yet the kids always say we never have any in the house. LOL

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  7. Love this post!

    Sorry to hear your gym experience was bad! I guess it's like anything though, some places are great and some not-so-great, but it's terrible they didn't have beginner type classes - how do they expect new people to be encouraged to join?

    A tip for saving on spendings on food could be to make your own lunches for the day - that's what i do :)

    Amy -

  8. Whoa, spending more than $300/year for fitness is way too much! I mean, unless you're a pro...

  9. this is fantastic! we did a similar calculation and cut back on yangkyu eating out during work and instead i get up with him early and make his breakfast and lunch (since i don't have to commute). we also have been doing meal planning and try not to spend more than $100 when we grocery shop each week. we have been really successful on this end as well!

  10. That's one of the reasons I don't want to join a gym, but I also feel like I need to because I need to lose some weight. I got a Fitbit in October, so I've been using that to track my fitness as much as possible. I also need to be better at not spending money on the vending machine at work. :/
    Sincerely, Sara

  11. The gym membership thing kills me in my house. My husband has not one, but TWO gym memberships to two different gyms. One on each side of town so that he can go to either one that is convenient for him when he's here or there...I hate that cause he keeps telling me it's too expensive for me to also get a membership which I've been begging him for, for years now to let me also go to the gym. But he won't give up one of his. I hate it... money wasted.

  12. oh gosh the gym membership, so expensive, just glad that I love my gym. Can't wait to get back at it...hopefully another month of PT and I'll get all set to go :) Good luck with the money spending! It is shocking how much we spend on food/going out to eat! We did the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program, have you heard of it?