Movie Night: Recent Catches & a Must-See!

Tonight is one of those nights, where we're the week wore Craig & I down, leaving us in a dazed movie night only state. Oh and a mini Jeopardy marathon will of course make an appearance! We used to watch Jeopardy semi regularly when we first moved in together so I'm happy we're trying to bring it back! But onto the Movies!! 

No Spoilers - I promise!

It stars Ryan Reynolds (not just Blake Lively's husband), Ben Kingsley & Matthew Goode. If you are a die-hard Ryan Reynolds it's worth watching On Demand but overall this movie forgot it's plot somewhere around the 45 minute mark. There is action, a slight romance, and a thought-provoking story to unfold. The film centers around a wealthy man (Kingsley) who upon his imminent death from an illness buys a new body(Ryan Reynolds) to switch his mind/life to leaving his old body behind. Ryan Reynolds comes to life and the old man starts enjoying life as a new young man. However it can't be that easy to just start a new life...

I have to say it is so hard to write a review for this movie because pretty much everything will give away some part of the plot. I will be careful. Arnold Schwarzenegger was amazing as always as the Terminator and Emile Clark from Game of Thrones did her research and was a perfect Sarah Conor. I'll admit parts of this movie made me want to pull my hair out because continuity is a bitch especially when there is 4 other movies in a series.  Other times I squealed with joy because seriously it was everything I thought it would be and more. But, there is always a problem with time travel movies where the plot tries to glance over certain things hoping the audience doesn't think that far into it. I'm a nerd/geek and yes I went that far into it. Bottom line, if you were a fan of the others...definitely see this one! 

This was a Netflix movie that Craig and I crossed our fingers on and hoped for the best. It stars Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Concords and Regnia Hall from the Scary Movies. It can be best described as one of those cute indie movies completely underrated and lost amongst a sea of Blockbusters. The story starts with a man trying to find his wife at their twin daughters' birthday party. A few moments later he finds her in the arms of another man...dun dun dun...All within the first 5 minutes. It takes off from their on the man's journey to becoming a better father to his girls and letting himself adapt & grow from where his ex-wife left him. It's a story about inner struggles, self identity, moving on, and opening your heart to new experiences and loves. We enjoyed it! 

I saved the best for the last. I absolutely adored this movie to no end! I watched it twice within 2 days because I knew I missed some of the awesomeness! From beginning to end it makes your heart feel all the emotions it's showcasing in a good and wonderful way! Amy Poehler was amazing as Joy, Bill Hader as Fear, Lewis Black as Anger, Phyllis Smith as Sadness, & the hilarious Mindy Kaling as Disgust. It's hard to tell which one I like best! Each emotion shows up as the little girl gets older and it gets better and better from there.

Have you watched any good movies lately?
I'd love to hear! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I tried to get Inside Out on Black Friday deal on Amazon - but failed. I want to see that movie!
    My hubby and I just got through watching all the Fast and Furious movies. We've seen them before, but made for a nice week of watching a movie each night - neglecting all the things I should have been doing. :)

  2. The Inside Out movie seems interesting! It's now on my list of "to watch" movies!