Randomness: Waiting Patiently...Kind Of...

1. Star Wards - The Force Awakens - IMDB

Here's a little story about my parents...My parents met in 1978 at a wedding. My mother caught the bouquet and my father caught the garter. True Story - I kid you not. They had a magical kiss and they exchanged land-line phone numbers. My dad didn't call. My mom did. After some persuasion, they decided to go out for a real date and luck turned it that a certain movie was still playing in the theaters after months and months. Star Wars - Episode 4 - A New Hope. Yes, my parents first date was actually to see the original Star Wars movie! Needless to say, my fan girl tendencies was born that day. I was destined to be a nerd and a have a deep love for movie folklore. =)

Fast forward 37 years - gasp - My parents are eagerly awaiting to take me to see the new Star Wars movie. I'm so excited!! I wasn't the greatest fan of Episodes 1-3 except the pod racing and the origin of Bobba Fett/Storm Troopers was pretty awesome! I missed the original cast and the less CGI of everything pretty much. Of course the new movie will be filled with CGI but I feel like the actors are going to be strong and the story has such a solid framework that the movie won't be dependent on the backdrops designed on the editor's computer. I've also avoided as much as possible for the teasers, the international trailers which usually give it all away, the actor interviews, & the behind the scenes pictures so I can go in without any expectations and enjoy it as it comes.

  2. Sisters - IMDB

 Ever since Baby Mama, I've been waiting to see these two ladies back in a film together. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler were both in Mean Girls however not on screen together. They are comedy cold in my opinion. This movie will seriously have everything. The epic party, the witty dialogue, the wtf moments we've all been in, and sheer awesomeness.

3. Joy - IMDB 

This is a movie I didn't know about until very recently. It's the story of a woman who has had enough and realizes she has to do something about it! It has the power mix of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert Deniro. Siliver Linings Playbook is one of my favorite movies with them, so I'm hoping this one is just as good! =) 

What Movies Are you Waiting For? 
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  1. I'm all over the place with wanting to see Joy...most days its me wanting to see it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Joy sounds wonderful ♥


  3. Love the story about your parents!! Bring on Sisters, heard it is going to be so funny!! Love these 2!!

  4. I just need a night at the movies in general! Thanks for joining in on the link up! xo