About Me: Ten Ways I need to Take Care of Myself Better!

A few weeks ago I started a new Pinterest board - Beauty + Self as motivation to start taking better care of myself. Do you think I actually started pinning helpful things in order to better my own self care? Not even close...

I had a good start though...I did pin a few homemade beauty treatments but I need to go further! I still feel like I'm rolling out of bed, scrounging myself together to look presentable, and sprinting to my college classes. Oh yes, I do miss the good ole college years and it's a bad habit I still fall into quite often.

I turned 30 back in August and I think it's time to take better care of myself overall =)

10 Ways I'm Trying to Take Better Care of Myself! 

1. Take Off My Makeup Each Night!!!

~ This is a really bad habit of mine. I take it off each morning and just reapply. ~ 
2. Drink More Tea w/o adding sugar.

3. Use Body Lotion to combat my eczema! 

~ My skin is basically acting like it's November all over again! I have several breakouts right now of dry skin and I have to promise myself not to scratch!!!  ~ 

4. Start using Essential Oils for Stress Relief!

5. Start going to Wednesday Night Yoga! 

~ My old gym had a very fast hot detox yoga but it was too fast. I couldn't go from Downward dog to Warrior #2 or #3 without falling over! The new gym has a slower one I need to try out! ~

6. Drink Lemon & Cucumber Water!

~ For some reason the tart lemon doesn't bother me! I'm really loving the combo and I bought a rubbermaid blender bottle to help whish it all around! ~

7. Take Better Care of My Hair and Not just throw it up in a Bun!! 

~ I know this is actually a trend these days...but when you've been doing it for 10+ years it's making my hair thin on the crown of my head. I need to switch it up! ~

8. Read a book before bed, not pass out looking at my phone! 

~ The blog, A Spare and A Spare, has motivated me to start reading before bed, not just playing Two Dots until I pass out! I'm still reading "Me Before You" and "The Great Gatsby". ~

9. Stop Picking at My Nails & keep them manicured. 

~ I don't own a dishwasher...yeah who would of thought condos actually don't come with dishwashers? Anywho, I've horrifically neglected my nails as of late because I'm constantly doing dishes. That's no excuse. On Sunday, I filed them down to start again. I also picked up a new Essie nail polish, High Class Affair, b/c I love the name! =P ~

10. Sleep...

~ I go to bed anywhere between 12am-1am. I really need to make it more 10:30pm-11:30pm because I seriously need more sleep!! ~ 


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  1. These are definitely great ways to take care of yourself!! I can always drink more water!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love this list! Especially yoga, drinking more water, and taking off your makeup at night <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Such a great list! I used to be terrible about leaving my makeup on, but I started keeping a pack of those waterless face wipes in my night table, and that solved the problem for me!

  4. I dont know why its so hard for me to drink more lemon water - I NEED to do it - its so good for you!

  5. Sometimes I'm so tired I don't want to take off my makeup, but I feel so much more refreshed in the morning if I go to bed with a clean face. I got some nice moisturizer that I look forward to putting on once I've taken off my makeup... so that helps motivate me to always wash my face before bed!

    Nellwyn | www.thecardinalpress.com

  6. Yoga before bed is just so nice, isn't it? I always sleep like a baby following a class before bed.
    Have a great week love!

  7. Awesome ideas!! I just came from a motivational talk that included "putting yourself on your list" - love this!! For #1, buy (I like the Yes to Cucumbers brand) face wipes. Even if you're exhausted, it takes almost no effort to swipe one of those babies across your face :)

  8. Love these sources of motivation! So inspiring!!

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

  9. Sleep, Yoga and essential oils- all so so good:) I probably should be doing all the things you mentioned too- I do take my makeup off each night but the others- I'll work on them right there with ya:) Have a great day!!

  10. I struggle with eczema too. I tried so many different things but then eventually went to the doctor and got prescription cream. That's the only thing that helped me!!

  11. I could've written this list, I try hard to do so many of these!! Proud of you and fantastic idea for a post!!

  12. I have been trying to switch up my hair more often. It's silly but I try to not wear the same hairstyle every day to work haha, I try to wear a different one each day!

  13. I could benefit from a lot of these as well! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  14. Great list!! I definitely need to make myself take off my makeup and get more sleep!

  15. Good for you, girl! Sometimes it's hard to do, but so necessary to keep you feeling good!

  16. It would not do me any harm to actually do some of these... specially sleep.

  17. Great things, lady! bettering yourself is never a bad thing.

  18. Great list. Bettering yourself is a never ending process! I have been making myself lotion up after ever shower now and it has really made a difference.

  19. LOVE this list!! It really is the little things that will keep us happy, isn't it?! I've started drinking lemon water first thing in the morning after my workout and I'm really loving it!
    Also, I need to be more creative with my hair! Bet you thought you'd never hear a hairstylist say that, right?! But I'm one exhausted momma right now and I don't put much effort into my appearance right now... ha!

  20. This is a great list, and such simple things you can do! Good luck!

  21. These are great ways to take care of yourself! I really need to start reading before bed as well and I can totally relate to throwing my hair in a bun way to often :) Hope you can make the changes you need :)

  22. My birthday is in August too! I'm trying to drink more water as well. When I don't have lemons on hand, sometimes I add a couple squirts of water enhancer. I tend to drink more water when it is flavored. :)

  23. All good ones. I'm really trying to focus more on sleep! Also need to use body lotion every night!

  24. Yes all these things will do your body and mind wonders. Tip for you: I'm in my 50's and the things I did in my 30's are paying off now. Good things, because I feel the best I ever have. Begin with at least one thing and not overwhelm yourself. Then add 2 and so on, so on.