Cupcake Class - Ribbon Roses

My Cupcake Class Photos - Ribbon Rose Day!

Tuesdays have been super special for me the past few weeks because I've been teaching 4 amazing ladies cupcake decorating!! Cupcake decorating had always been my mom's thing for as long as I can remember...But a few years ago her life changed and only one person was left to take the reins...Me! 

 I had seen my mother make wedding cakes, birthday cakes, incredible cupcakes almost too good to eat for years. A few years ago I took the plunge and enrolled her class. It was a door I will be forever grateful I sneaked inside. Once I learned how to wield that pastry bag I knew this was a hobby for me I really enjoyed. The opportunities were endless once you've discovered what Wilton tips worked best. There were endless color combinations and Pinterest became my new best friend. I was ready to start a new journey...a new past-time to bring others joy. 

I've been teaching the Adult Education class for 3 years now. Once you cover the basic, how to put icing in the bags, what tips to use, & how to mix colors the fun begins! Each week my students bring in a # of cupcakes along with a recipe of icing to decorate their own cupcakes and learn a new skill. I've been to classes where the teacher just word vomits for an hour and demos cupcake decorating...but where's the fun? Where's the lesson learned?

I can't say enough how heartwarming it is when my students leave class with freshly decorated cupcakes and tell me how much fun they had in class. =)

Now...Onto Ribbon Rose Cupcakes...

Ribbon Rose - Tips Needed: Wilton Tip #104 (Rose) & Wilton #66/#67 (Leaves)
Helpful Tool: Decorating Nail Set (Helps you Twirl Cupcake)

Ribbon Roses are super easy. 

Using Tip #104 simply let some icing out in the center of the cupcake to create a base. A simple swirl tower will do - not too thin though. The icing will come out squiggly so loop up for a little height.

Then placing your cupcake in your Nail cup...Release icing in a circular line around the base. 

Helpful Tip: Make sure there is no air bubbles in your decorating icing bag! 
This will affect your circular line!

Then bring your line down to the cupcake base and create at least 3 additional lines with a little space between each. If you'd like a fuller rose please add more.

On the last circular ring if you hold your #104 tip at a 45 degree angle the icing will come out slanted creating a flared out layer to finish the rose.

Lastly add your leaves w/ Tip #66 or your personal preference leaf tip! Any will do!
 You can add leaves all around but I choose to only do a few... =)

 My Ribbon Roses

My students loved it! In class we also did a few other cupcake techniques and I will go into detail on them in future posts! =)

I hope you enjoyed my little lesson! 

 Here are some other photos from my class! =)

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