Hello & Welcome!

"Please come with me...See what I see..."
- "Ordinary Day" Vanessa Carlton

Hello and Welcome everyone to Toots & Dill! My name is Melanie aka "Toots" and this is my world with my husband Craig aka "Dill". This little space is where I will share my life and the randomness that sneaks in. I've been putting off this fresh, new start for way too long and I'm so excited to see where this blogging journey takes me! 

First things first...My nickname is Toots?!?! 

Term of endearment roughly equivalent to baby. 
Note: Only applicable if you live in a black and white movie.

Somewhere in the past 5 & half years Craig has morphed my name Melanie to Mel, Melababe, Toots, MelaToots, TurkeyToots & the latest TC. TC stands for Toots Chalfin (my last name)
I'll explain TurkeyToots one day soon... 

My nickname has symbolized the transition which has been my life in almost every way. Craig and I got married 6 months ago, I recently turned 30, I'm attempting to break some bad habits, and I think I've officially become a professional wedding guest due to the 10+ weddings I've attended. I'd love to try some new hobbies, actually stick to some old ones, and maybe just maybe finish one of my novel ideas wandering around my head. Frankly, my head is spinning. I need a place to figure it all out. This is where Toots & Dill fits in. 

I'm a pay-it-forward type person and I love sharing new things I learn. Especially valuable lessons learned. Marriage has completely turned my world upside down with new possibilities & futures I never dreamed of before. Just living with my husband has been an interesting tale to tell too. There is no one solution everything...definitely not. 

On the side of the chaos, I am also a cupcake decorating teacher part-time! Every once and while a cupcake post will make an appearance! 

Please join me on my journey and thank you ever so much for reading! =)


Craig & Me - 3.27.15

"Like a small boat on the ocean...sending big waves into motion..."
- "Fight Song" Rachel Platten


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Would love for you to stop by my latest post.