Movie Night Series - Cooking Galore!

"When you talk it's like a movie and you're making me crazy..."
- "Gods & Monsters" Lana Del Rey

Hi everyone and welcome to my new Friday series - Movie Night! 

Every Friday I will showcase a few movies you might have seen, possibly always wanted to see, or just plain forgot completely all about them.  With Netflix, Hulu, and On Demand I've remembered tons of movies which I've probably seen way too many times to count! But I still love them!

In honor of National Dessert Day, I had to feature this under-rated adorable movie staring Johnny Depp  , Juliette Binoche, Alfred Molina, Judi Dench, & Lena Olin. 

The plot is simple; a mysterious woman and her daughter move to a stuffy French village to open a chocolate shop and tempt the set in their ways  townsfolk with incredible sinful treats! The best part of the movie is Johnny Depp who plays a sexy gypsy pirate who is all to willing sample the chocolate decadence. There are imaginary kangaroos, romance, temptation and chocolate...oh the chocolate! It's  fun watching the townspeople succumb to their inner desires and finally be true to themselves.

 I especially love when Juliette Binoche talks about creating the treats! 

A total A+ girls night movie! 

Chef is a newer movie on my list which I honestly didn't hear about until my husband spotted it on Netflix. It is a diamond in the rough self discovery movie that No spoilers promised warms your heart and makes you look inside yourself at your hidden dreams. 

The film stars some of my favorite actors: John Favreau, John Leguizamo, & Sofia Vergara with some other famous people who pop up here and there. I swear John Favreau must have called in every favor on this one. It starts out with a struggling Chef (John Favreau) who is sick of making the same menu every week and is yearning to break free of his restaurant walls. The discovery of social media or rather confusion of how to use social media sorta kinda changes his life forever. 

He starts a food truck journey across the country with his best friend and son and it's really a fun film to be enjoyed by vast audiences.

Good Date Night Movie 
(My Husband loved it!)

For Buffy Fans everywhere...Anyone remember this gem? It's my favorite movie that I'm ashamed to say I forget about it until I pass it in my DVD case and immediately pull it out and watch it! 

Simply Irresistible stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flanery with a mix of familiar "Oh that guy" actors & actresses. It's a fantasy love story about a young woman who is struggling to keep her mother's restaurant in business. The recipes and delicious food are there just something is missing. A trip to market one day and a magical crab changes everything. The woman's life is catapulted into the fast lane and Sean Patrick Flanery enters her life at just the right time. 

The film has that late 90's/early 00's charm with tons of heart. 

Girls Night Movie

This movie popped up in my life and I seriously for a brief amount of time wanted to become a chef. It stars Catherine Zeta Jones, Abigail Breslin, & Aaron Eckhart. I already was a huge fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones from Chicago and the Zorro films...but this one was different. You wouldn't doubt for a second she wasn't a chef in real life! She was so in character, even Aaron Eckhart played an amazing chef with a refreshing zest of energy lighting up the movie after the plot twists thicken. 

It begins with a workaholic chef (Zeta-Jones) working long hours with no doubt in her dedication to the restaurant. Alas, her life is turned upside down when a shocking turn of events leaves her niece to live with her. There are emotional struggles, love sparking, and food...truffles...pasta...sauces...and delicate crystalized sugar lattices that are wonderful! =)

Lazy Afternoon movie

Well I hope you enjoyed my little movie night! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I love Chocolat <3

  2. i love "chef." it's such a good movie!!! great blog, by the way!! i can't wait to read more!! if you get the chance, i'd love it if you would check out my blog and let me know what you think! you're opinion would be great!

    also, i have a discount code for an etsy store that i think you would really like (it fits your style). i figured you might be interested!
    it's in my most recent post

    have a great week! :)
    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  3. Chef is fantastic! I really hope more people see it now it's on Netflix - I haven't seen Chocolat in years but I'm pretty sure I loved it. Great reviews :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  4. this is awesome! thanks for sharing! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Chef sounds really good - I'm going to watch it this weekend. Thanks so much for a great recommendation and have a jolly good morning. xoxo