Married Life: The Morning Bathroom Battles

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First things first...Let me supply you with the facts:

1. Craig & I both start our jobs at 8:30am
2. I work 30-35 minutes away. 
3. Craig works 15-20 minutes away. 
4. Craig wakes up at 6am everyday.
5. I wake up at 7am everyday. 

Let the Battle Begin...

An on-going argument between my husband and I is that he does not leave enough time for me to get ready for work in the mornings. This argument has been going on now for about 3 years since we've lived together. Some days he can get out of the bathroom around 7:30am leaving me plenty of time...Hell, I'll even take 7:40am, other days he gets of out of the bathroom at 7:58am and will proceed to ask me, "What's Wrong?" or start going over plans/important information when I'm rushing around the house like a crazy woman. My favorite question he'll ask is "You showered that fast?!?"  It's gone on long enough.

In reality I need about 20 minutes to get ready. This includes hair, eye make-up (I forgo foundation 9 out of 10 days), and taking a shower/getting dressed. The age old stereotype of women taking forever in the bathroom does not apply to me. So if he leaves the bathroom at 7:50am...I'm still late to work. When he leaves it at 8am...forget it. I'm late and running to my cubicle when I get there, pretending I was in the kitchen getting coffee before I got to my desk. It doesn't help that no two, nor four clocks in my life have the same time. But that's another issue for another day. do I not be a total Bitch in this scenario? 

We've fought countless times to the point where I'm tired of saying the same things over and over.

"What are you doing in there that takes so long?"
"Can't you go in earlier and get out earlier?"
"Is there a magical slide that when you hit a button on the wall it comes out?"
"Are you marinating in there??"
"Why can't you realize your 20 minute shower means I possibly don't even have time to shower"

It doesn't help matters that our home has 1 bathroom. I would gladly go down the hall to bathroom #2 and be happy as a clam. Alas no, this is not an option. When my husband lived with his mother for a number of years this was an on-going battle for them too. Evidently this issue is nothing new. Frustrating, I know. 

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 Possible Solutions
One of Craig's cousin completely uses a separate bathroom all year round in the morning because she choose not the fight this battle her husband. (Our next place needs at least 2 bathrooms)

Perhaps if I put an alarm clock in the bathroom and set it for 10 minute intervals he'll get the picture.

Sending him to the doctor because other activities should not be taking 40 minutes....

Wake up at 6am and get in the bathroom before him? But then I'll be ready an hour & half early? No...that sucks. I'd be a zombie. 

Craig and I still have the fine line of privacy with bathroom duties. This is something I wish to keep...Unfortunately this rules out being in the bathroom at the same time...

I'm at a loss...

Do you have this problem with your significant other?
Do you have issues w/ their morning routines?

I'd love to hear!

  Adam + Hannah | Girls

I love this pic...It's like he's saying, "Please let me have an hour in the bathroom...pretty please!"


  1. Great! Please stop by my blog for my latest post!

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  2. If Craig wakes up at 6am then could he not shower then (unless he's playing some sort of sports of course. A few of my guy mates go for a run or hit the gym before work) opposed to waiting until 7:30ish? Yes, maybe trial waking up a little earlier than usual to see how that goes too X