Movie Night - The Ultimate Halloween Movie List

I love all types of movies BUT my favorite genre is Horror movies. I've seen scary ones, sad ones, remakes, gory ones, slasher movies, gross beyond repair movies and foreign ones too! It's my drug of choice. I'm definitely not an expert, though I love a good list of great horror movie choices to watch. I watch them all year round, especially now on the eve of the eve of Halloween. 
However I have to add more...There are more great films, not just horror, I must add to my ultimate Halloween Movie List...Those classics you stop everything and watch them like you've never seen them before yet you can recite every line!

I can't forget the vampires and the werewolves either!! And I don't mean Edward...Never Edward...
Or the quirky funny ones people have long since forgotten.Without further ado..
Toots & Dill's 
Ultimate Halloween Movie List
My Top 4 Scariest Movies I've Ever Seen
 1. The Shinning
2. Poltergeist (1982)
3. White Noise
4. The Exorcist 
(Craig aka Dill hates the Exorcist) 
Honorable Mention:  Child's Play 
My Favorite Horror Films
 Different types of Scary - Especially The Descent
 1. The Descent
2. Mirrors
3. Oculus
4. Insidious

Special Shout-Out for Oculus & Insidious for being so unique and original. 
Honorable Mention: Dark Water

Additional Favorites
1. Hellraiser
2. The Ring
3. Saw 
4. The Mothman Prophecies

Honorable Mention: Drag Me to Hell

Scary Movies w/ Thickening Plots
1. The Strangers
2. The Conjuring
3. Final Destination 2
(Will change all your views about sitting in traffic)
4. The Eye

Honorable Mention: House on Haunted Hill (1999)

Great Ghost Movies
(Less Scary...More Story)
1. The Sixth Sense
2. Thirteen Ghosts
3. The Skeleton Key
4. The Others

Honorable Mention: The Haunting in Connecticut

Foreign Horror Movies
1. A Tale of Two Sisters
2. Juon (The Grudge Original)
3. The Orphanage
4. The Red Shoes

Honorable Mention: The Babadook (English Language)

Vampire Movies
1. Bram Stoker's Dracula
2. Interview with the Vampire
3. Underworld
4. Blade
Honorable Mention: 30 Days of Night
Favorite Movies to Watch on Halloween
1. Ghostbusters
2. Beetlejuice
3. Hocus Pocus
4. Casper
Honorable Mention: Once Bitten

More Great Halloween Movies! 
(Less scary, just perfect)
1. Donnie Darko
2. The Frighteners
3. Cabin in the Woods
4. Sleepy Hollow

Honorable Mention: The Craft

Last but not least...
Horror Classics
1. The Wolfman
2. Psycho
3. The Birds
4. House on Haunted Hill
Honorable Mention:  Carnival of Souls (1962)

I hope you've enjoyed my list...I know I've left a lot of the usual Halloween movies off - Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the Thirteenth, the Halloween franchise, Scream, and others but I wanted to give you more of a different range! 



  1. I think i'm going to stick to the comedy classics, i'm such a wimp haha. Thankyou for sharing! x

  2. I love a good horror film, except for The Ring! I watched it when I was really little with my older sister and I was okay with it, but then my sister hid under my bed that night and when I went to look under the bed she had her hair over her face like Samara and I literally thought the film had come to life. Such a traumatic experience, thanks to my great older sis!

  3. Wow, what a great list! There are some really good ones and some of my absolute faves among them! I guess I like a bit of everything! I really love scary movies!!