Stolen Moments Sunday!

Another Sunday, another busy weekend and another awesome Stolen Moments Sunday. This weekend was full of Halloween fun, gossiping In-laws, and seriously needed reunion between close friends. Definitely one for the memory books!

My Weekend Stolen Moments

Meetup girls back together again! I'm the girl with the blue hair! =)

A few years ago I stumbled upon something called and it has opened many new doors for me to meet new friends. A brunch here, a movie there, a picnic at the local state park and more. For a little over three years now this group of girls have known each other but of course life gets in the way every so often. This weekend we met up at one of the girls homes for her annual Halloween party! It was amazing to catch up and share the Halloween shenanigans! =)

Parties are a funny thing...Sometimes the right conversation can spark yet another new friendship. Two girls at the Halloween party whom I've known a while invited me to a ladies night in a few weeks and I'm so excited to go!! =)

Before the Halloween fun...Friday night I was included in my new in-laws gossiping ladies Friday night potluck and oooo it was scandalous!  Five years into my relationship with Craig and I still can't get over how welcoming the ladies on his side of the family have been. I'm incredibly lucky!! =)

The friendship reunion continued over brunch on Sunday and seriously I love brunch. I firmly believe Sunday brunch, mimosas help too, is the best way to maintain a friendship and/or get caught up after time has passed. Movie nights between the girls are good but you can't can't share your stories/memories. Brunch after an amazing Halloween party was a perfect stolen moment between us all.

Pizza Night!!

I wish I had an arsenal of recipes I could pluck from my memory to make on a moments notice...But I guess I'll just have to settle for the few I have on call now. One of which is pizza...I love making pizza myself. It's a meal I used to make with my grandmother every time we went to visit! I don't make the dough but it's a dinner Craig and I share the cooking tasks. I've spread the dough, he mixes the sauce how he likes it, and I sprinkle the cheese! Viola! Pizza for 2 and a few lunches this week taken care of! =)

What were your Stolen Moments this weekend? 
I'd love to hear!


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