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The Chalfins - Day #1 - March 27, 2015

Today I got to do something I've been putting off for way too long. Craig and I got married on March 27, 2015 and finally I got around to changing my name on my Social Security card. It doesn't seem like a big deal in hindsight, but today marked a special day for me and I'm feel so happy, grown-up, and proud that I did it. 

I'm officially Melanie Ann Chalfin. Whew. No more signing my maiden name. The change over only took a few minutes and I smiled as a I exited the big heavy door. I felt this mini rush come over me and I'm still feeling it now as I write this post. I got the same mini rush when the pastor said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife". It's hard to describe - this mini rush I keep mentioning. It's not as sharp as when you receive medicine through an IV, it's not like brain freeze or even like a panic attack. It's like a glow with a slow hum of glee, kinda like when your favorite song you thought you forgotten about comes on the radio and you rush to turn up the knob. It feels so nice to experience it and I feel like I'm in the right place and the right time. 

Sitting in the social security office with all my important papers to date made me reflect on just how far I've come in my life. Well, I've had 30 years to do it. Wow I'm feeling cheesy, but it's true. Completing all the little things to become married pushed me over another maturity threshold and it's wonderful. Recently I've been trying to take better care of myself physically and mentally and that too has nudged me further down the line. I knew my eyes were getting blurry and instead of being stubborn about it, I got help. It's okay to wear glasses and I'm completely and utterly content with it. It's all part of my journey of embracing maturity.

It's been a long road of little steps...

I remember when I stopped shopping at Claire's. It was a slow decline, but it stands out in my memory as getting more mature. I stopped putting butterfly clips in my hair...I miss those every now and again. I've switched shopping sides at Kohl's - this one is still hitting me hard! My excitement over the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sale is dwindling and my excitement for a Soma Intimates coupon is growing. I'm loving that store lately. Sexy, flirty lingerie without worrying if I'm wearing it backwards or not. The items wash so much better too. I'm favoring quality staple jewelry pieces like my Pandora charm bracelet over a lot of costume jewelry pieces. I'm been lunch budgeting like a crazy woman, saving my receipts and counting pennies to show you all it can be done!  I'm still getting used to saying my husband, not my boyfriend. I've been going to open houses dressed up a little nicer to show I'm really interested in the home. It's all part of it...

 Like I said, it's a long road of experiences and I'm eagerly excited for the next hop!

How Have You Embraced Maturity? 
Have You Noticed Any Changes In Yourself?

  **Special Notes**
1.) Every state is different when changing your name after marriage!!! Check online for your state when it is your time and if you fill out the paperwork beforehand it's so much easier!!

2.) One of the best things I've done in the past year is get a good, solid, fire-retardant, water resilient safe deposit box or strong box. I keep all of our important papers in there. Birth certificates - marriage licenses - etc...

3.) Don't laminate your social security card or your birth certificate. It ruins the authenticity.

4.) Regardless of how mature you are...Always Stop to Take Pictures of Rainbows!!
Double Points for Double Rainbows...

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  1. I got married on November and haven't changed my name. I am eager to do it but all my licenses and other information expire in August so I may just wait to do it then!

  2. Yay for changing your last name! I did it as soon as we got home from the honeymoon and it was a lot of work because I had so many things I had to change it on and I think I only have a few left but the big ones I got done and it was such a relief!

  3. I had to embrace maturity at an early age, having a baby at 20 means growing up quickly. But I found it very easy to slip into the mother role. Now that my son is going on 9 and spends 40% of the time at his dads I feel like I am going a bit backwards and letting myself experience some of the typical 20's stuff that I missed.

  4. Ah I remember having to do all of that!!

  5. Yay for getting your name changed!! We got married in April of 2015 and changing my last name was such a pain. I celebrated every time I checked one place off the list haha!

  6. Such a cute story! I'm not married - but I can imagine the glee you feel to "officially"be a Chalfin! So exciting! I don't really focus on becoming more mature - I probably should - I'm still at the phase where I'm super excited about the VS semi-annual sale ;)

  7. Aww congrats that's so exciting! Thanks for the tips too! Thanks for linking up with me today, hope to see you next week and I'll be pinning this look to the link up board.


  8. That's wonderful!! Congrats! Yes, one should always stop to take pictures of rainbows!
    Sincerely, Sara

  9. you are far better than I am-I waited over a year before changing my name! I felt like it was just such a hassle and should be like an automatic thing once you get married. Check the box yes or no if you want to change your name! Haha

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  11. Congratulations and good luck, Mel! I remember I had to change my name immediately as I'm from a different country and all my documentation would automatically expired and I wouldn't be able to travel. Oh the horror! But do I feel mature? Unfortunately no, I was kind of hoping it would come with after my wedding day but I still do feel the same and I'm over 30 already!

    Dash | Mode Lily

  12. Thats awesome girl! I am almost at a year and still haven't changed my name yet! Socially I have but on all my official paperwork I haven't. So terrible I know!

  13. Oh man, that was such a pain changing my name on everything when I got married! I completely understand why you put it off for so long! I bet it feels great to have it done, though!

  14. This is such a lovely post, and it's important that you recognize that maturity. I became "mature" at a young age, but I'm still dealing with immaturity in some regards. I've worked for almost 10 years but I'm only 24 so I've always had that go getter mentality about me, but I still struggle with immaturity in my relationship (where I cause drama for no reason whatsoever) and I still am immature with friends and family so I have a lot of growing up to do as a person, but professionally I am an adult. Good on you for writing this post because it was interesting reading through and getting to know more about you as I just stumbled upon your blog! xx adaatude.com