Goodbye 2015 & Hello 2016!!

Happy New Year! from Melanie & Craig - Toots & Dill

~ Goodbye, 2015 ~ 

If I had to pick one word to describe 2015 it would be blurry. Three days into the new year I'm still taken aback that 2015 even happened. I walked down the aisle and became a wife to my best friend. I went to a country I had never been before. I built memories with new friends at a beach house I can't wait to go to again next year. I held my best friend's newborn baby and felt that maternal urge flourish. I discovered true friendship can endure time & distance. It was one hell of year but definitely a blur.

~ Hello, 2016 ~

So, how do I make 2016 not a blur? Well I had no idea how right I was when in saying last year was a blur.  One of my goals for 2016 is to take better care of myself because for the last few months I've been getting chronic headaches and my vision was slightly blurry. I thought it was my yo-yo dieting,  eye strain from too much computer use, or even possibly just being run-down from the constant roller coaster I find myself on. I do still think it was a combo of all of the above yet something told me to get my eyes checked just in case it was more...

My New Normal =) 

 Yesterday after living for 30 years I found out I in fact needed glasses. I'm regretting not getting my eyes checked sooner. I have a astigmatism in my right eye and am actually near sighted. I had no idea how much I was struggling to see and it's the push I needed to see what other areas of my life I've only accepted or settled on until now.

I always do "Resolutions" and then after a few weeks ignore where ever I put them. This year I'm going to set some goals I've already started.

1. Take Better Care of Myself. 

2. Be a Supportive & Loving Wife to my Husband. 

3. Save Money to Buy a New Home.

4. Declutter - One thing a day

5.  Start a family =)

Honorable Mention:
 Print Out Pictures...Don't just leave them on my phone or camera!!

There is so many wonderful things already on my calendar too for 2016. Two Weddings, Two Communions, One Baptism, Birthday parties, One Graduation Party, a Sweet Sixteen, & Two Bridal's a lot but it's going to be fun!

How was your New Years?
 What are your goals for the New Year? 

A few things to help my ring in the New Year! 

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  1. You've pretty much convinced me to get my eyes checked - I haven't been in years, but looking at a computer screen for 8+ hours is totally taking it's toll!!! Happy New Year girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. 2016 is going to be a great year, I can feel it!

  3. Happy New Year~ and I love love decluttering. It gets me on a high ;)