Blog: Five Ways I Find New Blogs to Follow!!

All together I've been blogging for about 6 years now. Yikes! I've found and lost a lot of wonderful blogs throughout the years. When I started I feel like it wasn't as easy to find new blogs because social media wasn't as one I knew had Instagram yet...and twitter wasn't taken as seriously as it is now. Bloglovin existed but it was still hard to stumble upon a new favorite unless you scowered the comments of a popular blogger &/or a popular blogger mentioned you. But times are definitely different now and there are a lot of opportunities at our fingertips!

Five Ways I Find New Blogs to Follow

1. Link-ups

Link-ups have been the BEST WAY for me to find new wonderful blogs to follow.  I've joined several Link-ups over the past few weeks - especially Friday ones and it is very effective to find new people.  I will join a Link-up and then simply go visit the other amazing bloggers who have linked up as well. It's simple, easy, and a big plus is that you will find other bloggers like the Link-up host who had already caught your eye in the first place! 

Some of my favorite Link-ups are: 
"Weekending" w/ Biana @BlovedBoston & Meghan @Champagne & Suburbs
"What's Hap "Pinning" Wednesdays" w/ Jenn @Going the Distance
 "10 Things that Made Me Happy This Week" w/ Krysten @Why Girls Are Weird 
& Lindsey @The Flynnigans
2. Follow Twitter Retweet Accounts

This is a resource I stumbled upon and it has been a valuable way to find new blogs, plus they will retweet your tweet if you mention them! I do notice a lot of beauty blogs using the twitter retweet accounts but hey I've learned so much about new products and I'm grateful for the tips!

 ~  My Favorite Retweet Accounts w/ a Variety of Bloggers ~ 

3. Explore Button on Bloglovin

I love Bloglovin. I'll say it again...I love Bloglovin. I use it as my daily reader and I love that I can organize blogs into categories. Another option is the Explore Button up on the Bloglovin Header. This opens the door to all the popular posts of blogs you may or may not already follow with a myriad of options. I check this at least once a week! =) Even if you don't follow the blogs - I'm sure you'll pick up a few great pins for Pinterest here or there!

4. Find Blogs From Comments on Bloggers' Blog Posts

This one is self explanatory! For years I've followed "A Cup of Jo" and easily Joanna will have 100+ comments on her wonderful posts. It's always a win win! 

5. I Joined a Blogging Community

I'm still on the hunt for more but I found a great positive blogging community started by Jenna@Dorkface Blog! Her Hastag: #TheGirlGang has generated a following of over a 1,000 awesome ladies with a range of ages, topics, lives, and above all the positive feedback is so motivating!  Ever now and again she posts the master list and it's full of opportunities!

Now it's your turn...

How Do You Find New Blogs to Follow? 
I'd love to hear!

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  1. This is a fabulous list . . . 2 and 5 are completely foreign to me so I'll have to check those out! I definitely find folks via link ups and blog comments. And I LOVE it when new folks do the same and leave me a comment (here's looking at you!). Honestly, someone leaving a genuine comment makes my day, and I immediately go to Bloglovin' to start following them so I can remember to check out their blog as well! And you've been blogging for 6 years - what a fabulous accomplishment! That's just awesome! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Great post, I love finding new blogs! I think link ups are the best way to find new blogs. That is how I found yours!

  3. finding great new blogs to follow are the best, i've never tried any chats or link ups but i'd like to get into them!

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. As a newbie, thank you so much for this list!!!!

  5. linkups are the best!! I find so many awesome new gals this way! :) love them!

  6. Yes! A Cup of Jo is the perfect want to find new blogs; her posts always get so much engagement. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  7. Awesome tips! I usually find new blogs by clicking over from comments left on other blogs that I read or through link ups. I'm definitely looking for some fresh new faces in my feed, so this is great <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Love these tips! I always check on other blogs comments :)


  9. Thanks for the linkups! I'm always looking for good ones to join so I can meet new bloggers :)

    -Nellwyn |

  10. Bloglovin' and comments are still the main way I find new blogs. I follow a lot of my blog friends on Twitter too. We all seem to be in the same circle so when one of them starts following a new blog, it's like "oooooh!" :) I used to do Linkups and join blog communities but I've kinda gotten lazy in keeping up with them.

  11. Great POST!

    DEF using these tips!!


  12. I love using Bloglovin' to find new blogs and also twitter chats as well as link in the comments section :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  13. Love all of these tips! Sometimes I struggle to find new blogs that I really want to read, so I'm going to try some of these out!