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I'm trying to bring the cat eye sunglasses back!! =)

Have you ever had a migraine headache that just wouldn't subside for days? Well I'm enduring my 4th day. I never got migraines when I was younger. I just turned 30 in August of last year and a little bit before my birthday it began. Each month for about a week a migraine rolls in. I have light sensitivity, a constant throb in my temple, and I'm nauseous. I thought perhaps it was due to my diet attempts and was eliminating too many crucial items and then I thought maybe it was a soda addiction. I'm still not ruling out soda/sugar addiction but this is something I might have to go see a doctor about this because damn...nothing is working. 

Do You Have Any Migraine/Long Term Headache Tips?
 I could use a lil help!

Along with the migraine, I had yet another car repair bill. Once you fix one thing something else goes wrong. Right now I just can't afford a new car, so a few fixes here and there are going to have to do!  I pretty much do not want to leave my house for the next few weeks, months so I don't spend any money. lol.

In other positive news...Craig and I FINALLY went to our wedding album design appointment and it's all ready to be printed!! I am so excited to share with you some tidbits and run down of my wonderful day!

 I'm looking forward to the weekend and I have cake pops to make!! Woohoo! One of my friends is having her annual fancy dinner party on Saturday and it's going to be a blast! Through the holidays I've missed some of my girlfriends I don't get to see often. This should be a nice lil reunion! 

Thank you always for reading!! 
Here is a lil peek on what's up next for Toots + Dill! 

 Future Posts I'm Working On:

A 40 before 40 List...
~ I'm currently 30 years old so I will have 10 years to check things off. ~ 

A New York City Bucket List
~ I live a half hour away from the George Washington Bridge. Yes I've been the city at least 50 times in my life but alas I have not done enough touristy things! I'm really excited for this! ~ 

 Confessions of the Professional Wedding Guest Series 
~ After you attend 15 weddings I think you deserve to be professional status. I am an expert wedding guest and I've pretty much have seen it all. I started this a while back, but the holidays rushed in fast. I want to revisit it as I gear up for the next wedding season. We have 2 weddings on deck for 2016 and 1 in the wings for 2017. As well as share my experiences as a bride. ~ 

My Weight Loss Journey - Revisited!  
~ The holidays derailed this completely. I'm heading to Zumba tonight to get a heads start for next weeks reboot! ~ 

Stay Tuned...


  1. Yayyyy for your wedding album, how exciting! I'm sorry to hear about your migraines, I can't imagine how awful that's been. The only remedy I have is eating something small and taking Aleve and taking a nap. Usually I feel better after waking up. You may be experiencing tension headaches, and going for a massage could help. *Hugs* hope you feel better soon <3

  2. Migraines suck. Sorry to hear you're dealing with that. No remedies here . . . I'm not a big medicine taker but when a bad headache comes on, I pop 3 Advil. I'm sure you've tried that though. And yay for your wedding album . . . you'll cherish that forever!