Randomness: Fun Little Things!

Coat: Old Navy (Similar) - Scarf: Dress Barn - Hat: Amazon - Glasses: Visionworks

"It's too cold outside for angels to fly..." 
 A Team ~ Ed Sheeran

Winter has finally decided to rear it's pretty head around Southern New York! Thankfully, no snow just yet! We've pulled out the heavy blankets, cranked the heat up, and tried hard to get our kitties to sleep with us under the covers with us so they'd be warm too! I'm really missing the 60's & 70's temps we've been having, especially Christmas day where you barely needed a coat! Deep down I know it's supposed to be this cold and it's a good thing I guess for winter to be showing up! 

Now that the big resolutions, hopefuls, and goals are set for the new aspiring year I thought I would share some of the little fun things I was grateful to receive this Christmas season!  

Fuji Instax Polaroid Camera - Here
Sailor Moon Luna Purse - Here
Nintendo 3DS - Here
Crosley Record Player - Here

I'm not sure if I've mentioned here yet just how much of a fan girl I am for many levels of wonderful things. I love photography, gaming, collecting old records, and am still chiseling my way through the new Sailor Moon episodes on Hulu I never got to watch as a kid. I'm so happy the Luna purse has a shoulder bag strap!! I haven't used it yet, but I will this weekend!

I adore the lil Fuji camera Craig got me for Christmas. I'm still in a bit of shock he listened!!! One of his high school friends had one at a party we went to and I was instantly hooked! The film is a little hard to come by in stores but it's simple to order it online w/ Amazon. I used it at party over the weekend and the other party-goers were like "What is that??" over and over. When the Polaroid picture popped out of the top there was a definitely a gasp!

Who says the Nintendo 3DS is just for kids? I'm in shock about this gift too!  I've always been a Nintendo girl and the 3DS has all the Legend of Zelda games I grew up and new ones too! It's a hard to adjust to the 3D, but I will get used it!  

The record player is something I've wanted for years. I spied one on a blog a while back and I searched for the brand and low & behold Amazon had the exact red and black one I was looking for! I'm eagerly waiting for this lil gift to come in. My record collection isn't big but I know as soon as I have a player it will grow immensely. I pass the vinyls in Barnes & Noble slower than usual now...

 The Nightmare Before Christmas Musical Figurine - The Bradford Exchange

The last little gift my husband gifted me on Christmas was something I didn't know I wanted and Craig was so cute giving it to me. This lil picture had been on our fridge for months because I simply loved the pic! I never thought he would actually buy it from the magazine ad. All day on Christmas eve, Craig kept saying, "Please Please can I give you one of your gifts early?? Please Please." After the anticipation of it all day I finally gave in at 12:01am Christmas Day. He ran over to our lil tree and plopped the odd shaped present out from the rest. He was smiling and watched eagerly on as I opened the lil package. I think I teared up a bit because it is so me and so cute and so spot on!! I hopped up and down on the bed because it was just perfect. The lil pumpkins light up and the music box plays the dialogue/song from the final scene. =)
Have You Discovered Anything Fun Lately?  

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  1. Love this! Those cameras seem awesome! Thanks for linking up and sharing! xo

  2. That little camera is so cute!! And I may have to give a game boy or DS a try! My husband has been trying to get me to play since I've been couch bound!

  3. I love the camera, its so cute! I can't believe the DS is so advanced now, I remember the first black and white ones. Looks like you had a great holiday!

  4. I love Nightmare Before Christmas. That's a great figurine. Thanks so much for linking up with me today, I hope to see you next week! I'll be adding this to the linkup Pinterest board!