Married Life: Lessons in Patience for Wonderful Hopefuls

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If 2015's word of the year was Blur...One of 2016's words will have be Patience, which is something I've struggled with my whole life. 2016 will be a year of dramatic change for Craig & I and I'm hoping we will have patience to do it together as a strong married couple. 

Hopefuls for 2016

~ Purchase a New Home ~ 
~  Organize our Life as Husband & Wife ~ 
~ Start trying to have a Baby ~ 

My First Hopeful: Purchasing a new home is never easy. I purchased my lil studio condo, which Craig & I currently live in, five years ago and I wish I had taken better notes. It was a lesson of patience waiting for the next steps to fall into place and there were several factors to consider before signing your name on anything. It has been a bit of a tense subject for Craig and I too. He has never bought property so I'm not fully sure if he's aware of exactly what we need to look at and consider before making an offer. I've been trying to explain the process and search for realistic open houses to venture to, but it sometimes it feels like I'm simply dragging him along. He is willing to go, but the bigger picture isn't there...yet. Craig and I will have to work together and I'm hoping it will pay off.

My Second Hopeful: Organizing our life as husband and wife is little more challenging than I anticipated. I have all the fun stuff...a candle with our initials, a new ornament from my mother-in-law with our married name, and  I love signing my new name. The hard stuff however is throwing me for a loop. If Craig and I stopped having individual health insurance it would actually cost more money than if we kept our plans separate. Filing taxes this year is going to be "fun" because 2015 was the first year we were married. On my end of it all...I have yet to go to Social Security and update my information. I changed my license, but evidently in NY State I wasn't supposed to until I get my social security changed? I definitely need to reach out for help and finally change all my credit cards too. One step at a time, one day at a time. 

My Last but not Least Happy Hopeful: Trying to have a baby is my dream for this year. I told my group of girlfriends about this and everyone jumped for joy. It didn't sound weird saying it out truly made me smile. Craig is completely on board, our parents are on board, I'm on board, but who knows if a baby will be on board. Craig's mother & father struggled with fertility and my parents did as well. My mother had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage when I was around 8. It's not making me scared to attempt this road, but it's making me aware of the possibilities & realities. I can't wait until my gynecology appointment (I know, said no one ever lol) next month to tell my doctor I'm ready, what do I need to do?  Patience will most probably be a factor for this powerful dream. 

Three times a charm, maybe. Luckily, I have never felt more ready to take these next steps in my life. Overall as Craig and I spend more years together I've noticed our patience levels strengthening for these mini life milestones. Even in everyday life, I can see the difference in him and myself waiting patiently for the other to finish or come around. I do know I have to be a lot more patient with him on days where he does not take his adderall too. I full admit this fact. I plan to work on it one day at a time.

*Fingers Crossed*

How Have You Worked on Your Patience in Marriage for the Next Steps? 
I'd love to hear...


  1. Hi there, thanks for your sweet words on my post yesterday. Patience in marriage....oh boy! I have been married for almost 10 years and it most definitely requires patience; amongst many other things. Sometimes we don't always see eye to eye with our spouses but that's perfectly ok, patience can sometimes also lead to the art of compromising! Good luck to you with all of your hopefuls for this year. -Lisa :)

  2. Being married requires sooo much patience! Just ask my mom, hahaha! I'm so happy for your hopes and goals for 2016. Trying for a baby is such a strange process to go through and I wish you all the best! Good luck and have fun! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'