Simple Math for Simple Changes Week #3 Progress

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Happy Snow Day!!! I have to admit the snow is pretty when I'm safe & warm and
don't have to drive in it! While the snow is piling up outside I'm happily reflecting how well I'm doing with my lil Lunch Money Budget Project. It's not easy and yes I've had some freak out moments at 11am when I still have not decided what I'm going to have for lunch. But for three weeks now I have successfully kept within budget and have some extra cash now to add to my savings jar.

The rules are simple. 
The master plan goal is to save money at the end of the week.

Master Plan:
$35/week for lunch
$7 a day for Lunch

Week #3
Total Spent: $19.53
Saved: $15.47

 This week I didn't have any company lunches to fall back on to save an easy $7. Two weeks of that was awesome, but I knew it wasn't going to last. So I decided to bring in some dinner leftovers two days this week to bring my savings total higher. Some dinners are just not leftover material but luckily I made two scrumptious dinners perfect for the situation. I'm going to count those days as saving the full $7 because there was no additional cost for lunch that day.

Monday, January 18th
Dinner Leftover: Beef, Egg, & Cheddar Cheese Empanadas
Total New Money Spent for Lunch: $0
Total Saved: $7.00

Tuesday, January 19th
River Drive Cafe: Salad Bar Salad w/ chicken
Total Spent: $5.78
Total Saved: $1.22

Wednesday, January 20th
Dinner Leftover: Homemade Pizza
Total New Money Spent for Lunch: $0
Total Saved: $7.00

**Home made Pizza Tip: Check to see if your local bakery or pizzeria sells pizza dough! My local bakery sells a pound of pizza dough for $1.20 each.  =)

Thursday, January 21st
River Drive Cafe: Eggplant, Roasted Red Peppers, & Fresh Mozzerlla on a roll 
Total Spent: $6.25
Total Saved: $.75

Friday, January 22nd
Chiptotle: Chicken BUrrito Bowl w/ Salsa, veggies, sour cream on the side, & cheese
 Total Spent: $7.50
Total Saved: $0

Yes, I spent over $7.00 on Friday of this week. I made a strict promise to myself that this would not be a slipper slope opportunity to say "Fuck it" to the already progress I've made. I have justified it 10x over. I had to get gas before the big storm which wow...South Eastern NY got more snow than predicted and it's still going...and gas was only $1.57/gallon for regular. Yup! Literally to fill up my tank was less than $16 so I thought to my self, "Hey I deserve a lil treat that was only $.50 over budget" AND this week was was my highest saving amount week even with the lil splurge. I also did not get extra chicken and a drink. The total was $7.50 not the usual $13.00 I've become accustomed to ordering. It's a positive step in my budgeting saving money year and I can feel myself making better choices. 

So...What Am I Doing With the Money Saved??

I'm saving up for a trip to San Francisco, California! My best friend moved there 3 months ago for an engineering job! I'm so excited to go visit her!! I've never been passed Chicago in the U.S.! This will be a whole new adventure for me! I'm sure my savings will help me out! =)


How are You Doing with Your Budget This Week? 
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  1. I love this little breakdown for simple financial changes. Bringing lunch to work saves me a ton of money. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Nice little saving! It'll soon mount up! We're saving for a trip to Disney Florida in 2017! x

  3. I love this! Small changes sure add up.