10 Ways I'm Trying To Be Healthier This Year!

Superbowl Afterthought: How cool would it have been if Lady Gaga came out during Half-Time to join Beyonce and they did a quick clip of "Telephone"? #couldawouldashoulda

Okay down to business...I would like to re-open the topic of my weight loss journey which has derailed into oblivion. I'm the heaviest I've been in my entire life. It's a mixture of a lot of things, but mostly I sit all day long.  I have to get up and fucking move! lol.

Starting in the next few weeks I will be hitting this obstacle head first with a positive outlook! 

Here are 10 Ways I'm trying to be healthier this year!

1. Discover what healthy foods I actually like!
Likes: Edamame, Quinoa, rosemary herb, Hummus, Dannon Light & Fit greek yogurt
Dislikes: Parsley, Chobani greek yogurts, almond milk

2. Be Prepared - Bring Snacks from Home.

3. Find an Exercise Class I like!
~ Loving Zumba and I'm excited to try Cardio Kick-Boxing

4. Take the Stairs!! 
~ I work on the 2nd Floor. There is no reason to take the elevator! ~

5. Get my Husband on board with the Changes!!

6. Don't flake out if I'm tired!
~ The zumba teacher told me to try drinking green tea for an extra burst of energy

7. Eat balanced meals and do not skip any meals

8. Eat dinner at a reasonable hour.
~ Definitely not eat dinner when my husband comes home at 9:30pm from band practice! 

9. Utilize my gym membership.

10. Drink Water

Tomorrow it's back to the gym I go! 

What Healthier Choices Are You Making Lately? 
I'd love to hear!


  1. Number four is something I've always done (and something my friends always complain about), but it really does work. ^^
    Great ideas, all of these. <3
    The Snap Narrative

  2. I love Zumba and edamame, I need to eat it more!

  3. Bringing snacks from home to work has been huge for me - I'm a total grazer lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Love these! I had so many workouts pinned on pinterest these last few years but I realized I've never and probably never will do any of them. I ended up doing the T25 workouts and I'm loving it. And yes, getting other people to eat healthier/workout with you makes everything easier :)

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  5. Great ideas for a healthier lifestyle! Drinking more water is definitely on my list for the year. I don't have a gym membership, but being more active is also one of them, too! I find that I like a lot of healthy foods, but I have this reallllllly bad habit of eating out all the time, because I'm too.... lazy.... to cook. So I eat healthy, but spend far too much money on food, lol.

    Great list :)


  6. Freaking yes to all the above! How is it that we are so smart and know what to do and then consistently NOT do it. I'm in the same boat - highest weight ever. Sucks big time. I'd say upping your protein should make the list - women need so much more than we normally eat!

  7. I really need to do a load of these! Especially finding healthy foods that I enjoy. Really hope it goes well for you love :)

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  8. My goal is to try to be more prepared too! I always want to make a bad choice when I get to hungry and don't have anything healthy already prepared or easy to grab! -Home of Malones