Toots + Dill: 40 Day Challenge of Self-Reflection

Well more like 47 days... 
Lent has 7 days built in for rest...
The past few weeks have pretty much knocked me on my butt in more than a few ways and it's resulted in me stepping back to really look at my daily life a little more closely. A New Year's resolution I didn't plan on has presented itself and I'm happily about to embrace the change!

 Embracing Self-Reflection 

 It sounds vague, but trust me it isn't. Self-Reflection for me is stepping outside my little world and peeking in for a full-on audit with the hope of a positive change of bad habits. Yesterday's post was about healthy changes to my diet, but this overall challenge will go deeper and *keeping my fingers crossed* will result in big changes. The areas of my overhaul will be health, fitness, and savings. Yes it will be strict, but with only two parts I hope the challenge will be manageable and possibly fun!

Also, what better time to do this but during Lent, which starts today with Ash Wednesday. I do celebrate Lent & Easter without going further into religion and I've always tried to embrace Lent and give up some luxuries I've indulged on too frequently in the past year.

This Lent/Easter Season is quite special for me because Easter Sunday lands on my first year wedding anniversary!! Craig and I's first year of marriage was full of life's ups and downs and I would love to kick off the 2nd year of marriage happier and healthier!

Part I: Health +  Fitness

My starting weight this morning after a morning coffee and with no pj pants on (I swear they add a pound or two) was 220.4 pounds. This is the heaviest weight I've ever been in my 30 years. For me at my 5'5" frame it's not healthy and I will be putting my utmost effort to change that number. I've already started changing some habits here and there but I need to take it further. Like I said yesterday, I can't flake out on this anymore. I just can't.

To move things along I have also chosen to give up Soda, Candy, & Chiptotle for Lent. Candy will consist of actually buying candy for the sake of eating it, not breath mints or gum, but real candy w/ carbs & way too many calories I don't need to waste.

I also will not weigh myself until March 27th. I know that doesn't make for great blog post updates, but I get so discouraged when the number doesn't budge day-to-day. If I'm going to see real progress, I need to do the time and wait it out.

Part II: Save Money

I was super successful in the month of January saving almost $50 on my $35 Weekly Lunch budget. Well the 2 car repairs, glasses, and taxes kinda put that a little more into perspective and I need to cut back further. It's okay, really! I did not fall into debt by life's unexpectedness but my awareness hiked up a lot of notches.

I can't tell you how many times I run into Walgreen's/CVS/Target and come out with tons of crap I don't need. Also the realization that if I want to move out of my current home I can't lug around tons of half-used products with me. I need to use what I have before I venture out and buy something new. This all is resulting in a No-Spend February/March - thanks to motivation from Amy@Getz Girl On Fire!

Ready. Set. Go. 

It's on!! I've successfully done this challenge for about 9.5 hours today...Hopefully it lasts! =P

I need to seriously listen to "Bulletproof" by SIA, "Fight Song" & "Stand by You" by  Rachel Platten, & "Hard Out Here" by Lilly Allen to get through this!!!

How Do You Motivate Yourself For A Challenge??
Do You Celebrate Lent? If so, What Are You Giving Up?



  1. I'm in the process of trying to lose weight right now and it's so hard! I'm trying to think long term vs. short since it is such a slow process but I know that if I stick with it then this time next year I'll be so much happier!

  2. I love a challenge especially when we need to focus inwards and really look at ourselves. I'm currently running a 28 day drink more water challenge on my #couchpotatotofabfit facebook page. Health and Wellness are very dear to me. Thanks for a great post which I saw at #partyatmyplace link up

  3. This is great. Such motivation. To answer your comment question, I motivate myself by reading everything I can on what I want to change. Example, exercise more; I read about how it is so good for my body to do so. I even read the bad stuff because I'm nuts about getting older and not being able to stay healthy. Most of the time, it is our choices that holds us back. So with that, Lent, no I don't give up anything. I try to make changes daily throughout the year, not because I am suppose to for a certain period of time. The rebellious Catholic in me I guess... Anyways, so happy you shared your challenge at my party today. Hope to see you back next week. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey girl hey - just catching up on some blogs after my kids damn near killing me this week. I kid, I kid but life got busy for sure! I love how you are owning this and putting it right out there for accountability and support! And Lent is a good time because you can find comfort in knowing others are sacrificing as well. Awesome!

    I feel you on the lose weight front loud and clear. I need to buckle down and stop dipping my toe in the pond - I just need to make some positive changes and stick with them.

    And No Spend Feb/Mar - do it! It really makes you think twice before buying something and also makes you realize just how expensive life really is . . . the basics like groceries, gas, utilities, etc. And you do need to use up the half empty bottles of stuff . . . de-cluttering your financial life helps you to declutter other areas as well. Use the food in your pantry and freezer, use up the cleaning supplies and candles and soaps, use up the make-up and hair products that we have too much of . . . you get the point. You got this girl! Positive changes are ahead!

  5. You go girl! I'm excited to read about your journey this year. You got this!