Thank You Home Ec Class - Tribute to The Lost Gem!

So who remembers Home EC aka Home Economics Class? 

I hope the answer is Yes because it is a lost gem that taught me so much looking back on it. 
I think I should reword my question... 

Were you one of those last kids who had to take Home EC way back when? 

I was one of those last kids who had to take Home EC class in Middle School. The past few months I've been finishing up becoming legally Mrs. Chalfin, cleaning house, and basically trying to get my shit together. I've made some choices and done a few things which made me think of that class years ago...and I'm grateful for the wisdom it bestowed.  I subconsciously am still doing a lot of the lessons my teacher tried to pass down all those many years ago. 

I still swear I'm not turning into a Stepford Wife...I swear it...just a nightly housewife w/ a 8:30-5pm job struggling like everyone else.

Eventually in my life I'm pretty sure I would have gotten the hang of well life and figured out what a checkbook was...I do have wonderful parents who loved to teach me new things...but the little push into the adult world was definitely something I'm happy I got to experience!!

So what the fuck am I talking about if you didn't have Home EC?

Here's 10 Valuable Lessons I'm Grateful I Learned:

1. Learning the difference between baking soda & baking powder 
2. How to thread a needle and knot the end
3. How to write a check
4. How to look for the wash instructions on your clothes
5. How to make cake mix cookies
6. How to Replace a Button
7. How to Iron a shirt
8. Be weary of mixing Oil & Water together in a Heat Situation. 
9. Certain Cleaners are used for Certain Circumstances.
10. Balancing a checkbook. 

What Lessons Did You Learn in Home EC You Still Use Today?

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  1. it 's nice to brush off the memory...that was a long time ago. Thanks for sharing a fun post with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. I opted not to take home ec., but I did have enough sense to take a summer sewing class that was offered and taught by the home ec. teacher. I'm a short gal, 5'3 on a good day, so most of my pants, even short lengths, have to be hemmed. Had it not been for that class, I would have spent a fortune over the years paying someone else to hem my pants for me. For that, I am extremely grateful!

  3. Cream puffs...yeah, that is what I remember making in Home Ec. Homemade cream puffs. Way back when, when it was not an option to take it, it was mandatory, the first thing we learned to make were cream puffs. Most of the things I remember was cooking. Basic cooking skills. I personally think it should be bake in the schools because so many kids today do not have basic skills of homemaking. Parents do way to much for their kids today. Love your perspective here and thanks for sharing it at my party.

  4. I so remember Home Ec from Jr. High and I am thanking my lucky stars because I am using whatever I remember from it to play with my sewing machine! Who knew learning how to thread a bobbin would help me years down the line! :)

  5. Oh my goodness -- this is so true! I learned so many things in Home Ec and I wonder if I've done a decent job teaching my son the basics of life, like how to sew on a button. Suddenly I want to rewind time and make sure I taught him some of these things.

  6. Home Ec (or Family and Consumer Sciences, as my school called it) is so important! Kids need real life skills!

  7. Ha - I remember Home Ec class . . . my memories are less fantastic . . . I remember making a crappy pizza, sewing something and my most vivid memory was the teacher telling us pink and red went together because of the color wheel. Uh, not so much! LOL!