Married Life: Becoming a Mrs.

One of the biggest parts of becoming a Mrs. is completing the last final steps of changing your identity. Last month I was so happy that I finally got my social security card updated and my license updated to my new married name. Here. But I have to admit...Right now nothing in my purse matches. My license does not match my bank account or credit cards are all my old name...and overall a lot of my personal info is still in my maiden name...This can't stay that way and it's up to me to finish the final steps.

It's a lot of paperwork and I can't put it off any longer. It really is just simple little steps of just calling the credit card companies to receive change name forms or updating the information online. I don't know why I keep putting it off until the next day and then the next. My procrastinating tendencies are seemingly getting worse. That's another thing I have to work on! 

For everything new I need do I am accomplishing a little something else. Craig and I finally set up our photo album with our wedding photographer and now we are left with the 800+ 4 X 6 proofs just sitting in the boxes. Even though we will have the nice professional album I needed to do something with these proofs. Michaels Craft Store had Buy 1 Album and Get 1 Free and I picked up 6 of them! So far I got our Prep Photos in 1 Album and our Church Service in an other! Not bad for a few hours on Sunday! I hope to finish the formal pics and reception this weekend!

There is one last part of the photographer process and again I can't explain why I'm dragging my feet. The wedding video. We need baby photos, couple photos, and honeymoon photos. All I have to do is drop off them off. Hopefully I can get this done by Thursday! =)

It's been a long process and finally I will be able to get out my Thank you cards too! I didn't anticipate sending them out this late...but trust me I write a great thank you note! I just have to keep telling myself that once I'm done...I'm done!! Right? 

Dear The Mrs.'es of the World,
Have You Finished the Updating Your Life Yet? 
How Long Did It Take You? 

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  1. Congratulations on becoming a Mrs! There really is a heck of a lot of paperwork - they should make things easier. x

    Erin |

  2. It sure sounds like a lot of paperwork, haha! But I am sure you are ecstatic about all of this :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. Isn't it crazy how much you have to do when you get married? ;) Congrats! It's all worth it!!

  4. Right after our honeymoon I came back and knocked out all the name change stuff. It felt like such a huge thing looming over my head that I just had to do it! And how cool that you're getting a wedding video! I wish we'd done that!

  5. I totally remember this like it was yesterday! I was so ready though so I think I had it all done pretty quick. Definitely takes a lot of time and running around though - whew!!

  6. oye that little middle zone there of having stuff not match was so stressful for me, i carried my marriage certificate around with me, and the note from the social security office in case anyone ever questioned who I was! It took me a good year to get everything finished and get all my new stuff, and i'm so glad its over with! Good luck to you as you finish it all up!

  7. Congrats on getting married!!