Thursday Confessions...

Weekly Lady of Inspiration: Tina Fey

I've been going through a little bit of a rough patch of time so I thought today would be a perfect time to join in on the Confessions Time!! I think that's why I wanted to share with you a simple DIY that wouldn't stress you out and celebrate my lil progress in finishing the wife conversion process this week. I'm stressed, but I'm a big fan of the phrase "This too shall pass" and eventually I know everything will even out. =)

~ I am forever on the search for the perfect hummus, but I hate chickpeas ~

~ Driving in New York City makes me so nervous!!! I will only drive on the West Side Highway and not at rush hour!! ~

~ Last night was the first time I've been to the gym since December. I started out slow w/ a zumba class but I am in so much pain right now!! I'm going to Puerto Rico in July. If I lose 4 pounds a month for the next 5 months - ultimately I would lose 20 pounds! I definitely need it!~

~ Pretty much I'm late to work EVERYDAY! From my husband's bathroom habits, my laziness, school buses,  the train, and 5 traffic lights. ~

~ I love this quote~

~ I cried when I realized I can make a list 40 before 40 appropiately and it would be a list of the most important things I will ever do in my life. I'm 30 and I the weight of the next 10 years is hitting me hard.~

~I'm in love w/ Ava & Viv Target jeans!! They wash amazing and they actually fit!! Jeans are my arch nemesis yet my go-to everyday. I'm so happy I found an affordable pair that fits! So happy!! ! ~ 

~ I'm not sure if Craig and I can afford to move out my studio apartment this year. Even though I can easily save an extra $50 here and there it's not enough. Every time I leave the house on the weekend it seems to be a $100 and during the week at least $30 a day. It's intimidating and I'm not sure Craig is seeing a realistic vision of what we can afford and what needs to change in order to achieve it. ~

~I was so motivated in the beginning of the year w/ my lunch savings but then my property taxes were due ($1,400) + 2 Car Repair Bills ($600) + ($800) + Eye Exam & New Glasses w/out vision insurance ($500)...just crumpled all my motivation.  I'm slowly trying to build up my bank account after a $3,000 hit of necessary life expenses..~ 

~ Pretty much how I feel all the time when the mail has been coming in lately~

~I'm so mad that I lost my Fit Bit. I hope it's just somewhere in my house!! ~ 

I always try to end on a positive note:

~ I'm hoping to turn this blog into something wonderful and great! It's brought me so much joy in the past few months and truly missed feeling the rush of new comments, new followers, and getting to interact with some many new people! I used to blog a long time ago and I'm so happy I'm back! ~ 

~ Lastly, I've been binge-watching a lot of Friends episodes ever since Snowstorm Jonas...It still cracks me up!! ~

How Are You This Thursday?


  1. I recently watched the whole series of Friends, I've always loved that show! Ugh and sorry about all those expenses, that is seriously the worst!

  2. The necessary life expenses have been hitting us hard too. I had all this financial positivity about the new year then January just seemed to be one hit after the next, not the best way to start off the year!

  3. Well a few rough days it sounds, but you seem on top of it. Being late everyday, that would stress me out for sure. You may have to get hubby up an hour earlier! LOL! Happy to see you on my first linkup party. I do hope you come again and happy to see you end your posts on a positive note. Always something to be grateful for. Loved having you. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I feel you on the life expenses . . . stuff just happens, you have no control and it sometimes wrecks you mojo but it'll get better. Maybe try a "No Spend February" - I like to do that because it's the shortest month. It just makes me think long and hard about do I need stuff or just want it. Like the yummy smelling foaming hand soap from Bath & Body Works or use the Dial I got for a $1 under my sink. You know the answer to that - in February, at least! ;-)

  5. I'm so glad you are back to blogging too. I missed you lots when you were gone! Yours was definitely a favorite read. And oh my goodness.. the unexpected expenses kinda do knock the wind of our me sometimes... we work so hard to save and when we have a good sum of money saved something big and terrible happens. Wishing you the best in your savings journey!!