The 10 Best Lessons I Learned in February...

1. Engagement Ring Settings Are Not Forever...


~ From the moment I got engaged on March 20th, 2014 the lost diamond and lost wedding/engagement stories began. At first I was okay with it...then I got terrified. Then I was absolutely petrified. Everyday when I came home from work I immediately took off my ring and put it in my lil swan boat or heart dish because I didn't want to lose it. 

  I've been married almost a year and have had my engagement ring for almost 2 years now AND then it happened. 2 Weeks ago in a meeting I looked down and noticed something was off. The diamond looked crooked from the side and a lil space about 1/2 cm wide had formed from the setting to the diamond. Thank God I noticed it. The jeweler said I probably snagged the prong on something and it was strong enough to pull it just enough to dislodge the diamond. I need to add this to my homeowner's insurance STAT! ~

2. Shit happens and you have to be prepared. 

~ My mother is losing her job. My car repairs + property taxes + glasses = Cost: $3,200. My husband's band broke up. My father will need to check on some health factors a little more so than usual. It all happens...and you have to be there and be prepared. You need to have savings and I'm very grateful and lucky that I have a great family who I support and love. ~ 

3. You can't just keep buying clothes instead of doing laundry. 

~This might sound silly...but I have bought so many socks because I just didn't want to do laundry. It's lazy and a bad habit. lol. It's costly and you never have matched socks anyway. ~

4. It's worth keeping friendships alive...especially at the 20 year mark! 

~ I have 3 friends that I've known for 20 years...since 6th grade. It boggles my mind how much time has gone by. I feel like it makes our friendship just a bit more special! =) I went to see Titanic in 1997 with the 2 girls in the pic - I'm in the middle. We don't have a picture in 1997 but almost 19 years later we went to see Deadpool and now we do! =) ~

5. No Changes = No Results

~ If I don't go to the gym I'm not going to lose weight...If I swipe my credit card everyday I'm not going to save any money...It's a simple concept yet hard to grasp!! ~

6. Waiting to the Last Minute is Too Stressful

~ I still have not sent out my wedding thank you's. I'm almost a year married. I feel very ashamed that it's taken me this long but I was so done with the wedding planning I couldn't do anything wedding related for months. I must get this done ASAP! The pressure is driving me insane. ~

7. To-Do Lists are my Friend!

~ For some reason I'm so much motivated if I do a list. I'm thinking of starting a bullet journal for this exact purpose! I started making a To-Do List every weekend and it's really been helping! ~

8. I Researched Before I Changed Health Insurance Plan.

~ I panicked when I got the new insurance forms. There was some new stuff on it about a more affordable mid-plan. My job offers 3 types of coverage. Without getting to technical - I decided to go for the mid plan, $40 less a paycheck, than what I had. I researched it and talked to my HR rep and I feel it was a wise decision that will ultimately save me a little money yet not giving up essential health insurance coverage. I'm proud of myself for not rashly jumping into anything. ~

9. I Need My "Me" Time. 

~ When my husband's band broke up I realized I lost my 2 nights of a week to have the apartment all to myself. Where I can binge watch Flip or Flop, make whatever I want for dinner, or whatever it is I feel fit. Luckily he's starting a new project so I have back my time alone. lol. Evidently I get very cranky if I don't have that lil time for just me. ~

10. I Am Stronger Than I Think

~ This month was emotional draining especially the weekend I went to do the estate sale at my grandparent's house. I shouldn't have done it...but my other two cousins couldn't do it and we couldn't afford to have a company come in and do it. It was the hardest thing to watch their belongings go. But I did it. I helped. It taught me so much that day about people, life, memories, and how important it is to make the effort to build those memories and never to forget.  ~

What Lessons Did You Learn in February 2016? 

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  1. These are really great lessons you have learned! Shit happens always and we have to be prepared for all types of things. I just can't understand people who don't have plan B. I like to be prepared or semi-prepared at least. I learned this month that I need to relax once in a while and stop with all this blogging, planning, writing, studying and what not.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Great lessons and #5 is especially nifty and very true. Also, I love my me time too. Balazs works late most Mondays so I have the flat all to myself. Kisses, darling.

  3. I definitely need my Me Time! Fortunately my SO gets it and doesn't feel offended when I decide I want to go out for a coffee without him, or just go sit in a different room for a while. It took a little while to persuade him that it's nothing personal, but it was so worth getting that sorted out.

  4. LOVE this post!! Can I say you are like the cutest and real bloggers out there! I had to laugh because my sons going to college in the Fall and he asked if I'd buy him enough underwear so he didn't have to do laundry, lol!

  5. You touch on so many amazing lessons! I'm glad to hear that you didn't lose your diamond in your ring, and I'm sorry about watching your grandparents stuff sold off. That would be really difficult.

  6. Awesome post! I've definitely learned this month that shit happens!

  7. I completely sympathize with #1 -- one of the diamonds fell out of my band about 2.5 years into our marriage and I about fainted. Hubby keeps telling me he'll get it fixed but it's been months. I feel so naked without it!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  8. I hope things go alight and your mum finds another job soon. Hopefully no more paying out for you! I did lose my Amethyst from my engagement ring :( I still have mine in my jewellery box waiting to be replaced.

  9. Great lessons...especially the shit happens one! I have always worried about losing my diamond and last month on two different occasions I dreamed I looked down and the big one was gone..weird. I've been married 14 years and I just make sure to have it checked regularly.

    The Queen in Between