About Me: A New Notebook for a New Normal

The Mermaid Journal via The Paper Source

Did I really say this weekend was going to be slow? Did I really? 

Well I was wrong. I'm sitting here writing this post and I can't believe everything that happened. Ladies Night w/ In-Law gossip, Deadpool (yes, again), dinner for a friend's bday, watching Creed (excellent movie), almost finished Fuller House, had brunch w/ Craig and his mom, went to an Open House, caught up with my mom, made our Easter/Anniversary Plans, visit to grandma in the nursing home, supermarket shopping, AND The Walking Dead AND a mini trip to the Paper Source. Whew. I'm tired and this week is just getting started. 

I can't remember when my life got so busy. I constantly feel like I don't have enough time for anything and I'm always trying to play catch-up or let out that deep breath I'm holding in. My calendar is full of back-to-back family events squeezed in by the hour with other family and friend events. I'm cracking under the pressure. Yup, I admit it. 

Somehow a few years ago this became my new normal

I literally just bounce from here to there with a power bar in my purse and a Red Bull chilled and ready. I must never grew out of A.D.H.D. because I must have it to keep up the pace. 

But I'm losing track of things. I still can remember to take my birth control and put on a bra each day, but other things are slipping past me. I didn't pay my electric bill today. I'm going to pay it tomorrow, but this isn't like me. I don't forget to pay bills. It took us to the last minute to plan our trip. That's not like me either. I haven't had time to go to the gym because I'm playing catch-up with everything else.  I forgot an RSVP to a bridal shower...but luckily they called me to confirm. =/

The difference in me is becoming too noticeable. I have do something. 

Hopefully I found part of the solution. A New Notebook that will be solely for me and the infinite number of checklists I will need to shape myself back together. The mad rush of events started last week with the tiny baptism and really don't end until July. I have to start writing things down separately from my blog notebook. It's too life/blog/life/blog/life/madness...Here's hoping this will be a productive and good start! =)

I just love the quote on the front...I hope I was a mermaid in my first life. 
That would have been so cool!

How Do You Get Back on Track & Keep Organized? 
I'd love to hear! 
As Always You Can Find Me Elsewhere


  1. Love that quote! ;-)


  2. It's crazy how the busy-ness of life can just sneak up on you! Hopefully the notebook helps you out. I actually keep a paper calendar and one in my phone so I always know what I have going on. It helps a lot!

  3. I find keeping a planner along with notes on my phone really help me to remember things. I also find that if I write something down, I remember it much better. Love that quote.

  4. Oh my gosh you guys did a lot - we loved Creed too! I think penciling some time in to just relax towards the end of the weekend get's me in better shape to start Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Wow you are certainly busy! I can't live without my planner! It's been hard, but I've also been working on saying no to things. Sometimes it's better to turn one thing down, so that I can spend one full evening with one person rather than running around constantly!

  6. You have to check out the Happiness Planner! I forgot it at home today, and I'm feeling like not myself. Great post!


  7. Melanie, a new notebook and planner saved my life, too. I was in the same boat, and my old planner was not working for me any longer. I totally understand where you're coming from...and isn't the change incredible? It makes a huge difference. I love your notebook. It is really adorable. I had to laugh at your tv and movie listing for the weekend because I was binge watching shows the last two weekends too (Fuller House last Friday--yes, all in one day--and House of Cards this weekend), as well as Downton Abbey's series finale last night. Oh, and I also loved Creed! I so hope that Stallone doesn't kill himself off before they do another sequel. Fingers crossed. Have a great week! #HelloMonday

  8. I can totally relate about busyness. It just seems to have sprouted out of nowhere & hasn't gone away since. I should probably just get a planner already! :]

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  9. Wow you really did have a busy weekend! That notebook is so pretty I hope it helps!!

  10. fun post! I love finding things that help me get organized!


  11. Hahaha I just read this and checked to make sure I was up to date on my cable bill :) thanks for the reminder! I'm right there with ya!

  12. Love that notebook! Good luck with your new organization adventure. :) Thanks for sharing on Meetup Monday!