Married Life: How Can I Possibly Handle All My In-Law Family Events...

Before I met Craig, my immediate family was a grand total of 13 people. This includes my mother's side of the family and my father's side. The "events" we had were the normal run of the mill stuff small families celebrated together. Birthdays, communions, graduations, 25th wedding anniversaries, and the occasional Pocono Mountain beach trip. We were small brood of people and it was all I knew. 

Then I met Craig...

Craig has 40+ people in his family counting his father's and his mother's sides. Craig is also an only child but has an extensive immediate family. In the almost 6 years Craig and I have known each other his family has had it's number of events. But, somehow there was space in between them all and we could breathe and enjoy ourselves at said functions.

Now...hmmm...not so much. 

I just learned of a new engagement over the weekend and today was notified of the wedding plans. August 27, 2016. Less than 5 months away. Right in the middle of ALLLLLLLLL the other events. I think I'm starting to break out in hives over this...or at least my eczema is feeling overwhelmed all over my arms.

My In-Law Events of 2016
(2) Communions, (1) 60th Birthday, (1) Baby Shower, (1) Sweet 16 Birthday Party, (1) Baby Shower, (1) High School Graduation Party, (1) Bridal Shower, (1) New Wedding, (1) Trip to Florda for a very special 85th Birthday

Total: 10 Events and counting... 

Additionally, Craig and I are attending two other weddings for our friends during this year as well.

To say I'm intimidated and afraid of offending anyone is an understatement. Like I said before...we've managed a steady influx of events up until now but this year is surpassing the comfort zone of too many events.  Craig and I are starting to feel stuck with our lives because we are just too darn busy bouncing from here to there!!

So, should we try to skip out on a few? But how exactly do I pick which ones to go to and which ones not to when each event is for an immediate family member?? Craig and I can't exactly go to one communion and not the other?  If the whole family is going to the party how can we sit it out? Why do they all have to be once in a lifetime events?? Is this where the "Learning how to say No" should come in?? Or should we go to all of them and just give a smaller gift??

 This is definitely one of the hardest parts of marriage I'm experiencing so far.

Interactive Question: 
How Do You Handle All of Your In-Law's Events?
Any Insight would be most helpful!! =)

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  1. This is actually how my husband felt because I have a very large extended family that I'm really close with so he's felt the same way!! You just sort of go with it I guess...maybe pick and choose the few events that you really want to go to! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh my goodness I wish I could give you some advice but I've never had that many events to go to in one year!

  3. I have zero input because I don't balance well at all! Someone always gets mad, my side or his. I would love some advice so I'll be reading these comments!
    Linds @ Not A Mom