Friday Favorites: My Top Ten Favorite Date Night Ideas

Yeah for the weekend!!! I find the weeks after a few days off are always the worst. This week dragged on and on and I'm grateful for a half of day tomorrow! Woohoo!! 

I think a massage is in cards for this girl tomorrow afternoon!

This weekend is going to be extra special this year! Yes it is Easter Weekend but Sunday is my first wedding anniversary!!! A year just flew by with a blink of an eye. Seriously...where did the time go?!? 

In honor of my wedding anniversary I thought I would share My Top Ten Date Night Ideas Craig and I love to go do!! Our date nights have been epic times with great memories!! Hopefully it will inspire you too!

My Top Ten Favorite Date Night Ideas 

Craig and me at our first concert together - September 2010

1. Concerts 

~ Craig's favorite! ~ 

2. Movie Nights

3. Burritos + Ice Cream

4. Finding Where Movies/TV Shows have been filmed

 Ferris Bueller's Day Off School near Chicago, IL =P 

5. Weddings 

~ We've gone to 10+ weddings. I think it's in officially in our date night category ~ 

6. Going to the Zoo

7. Bowling

~ We actually have an classic bowling alley in the next town over! It's lanes are too slick, the balls get stuck in the machine, and once in a while the pins are all messed up! Love it and all it's memory creating glory

8. Mini Golf + Arcade 
9. Attending Numerous Festivals

~ Wine Tasting Festivals, Apple Festivals, Music festivals, Beer Tasting Festivals, Street Fairs name it we go! ~

10. Making our own Pizza Night! 

~ I spread out the dough, he makes the sauce, I do the cheese, and he does the sausage! It's our favorite thing to do on a Friday night! ~

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and to those who celebrate the upcoming holiday - Happy Easter!! 

What Are Your Favorite Date Night Ideas?
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  1. Happy early anniversary girl! The first one is always exciting! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. These are great ideas - I love mini golf and I always forget about it!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. I LOVE concerts for a date night. Mini golf is always fun too!

  4. Great list, we need to have more date nights :) My oldest 2 are at Uni now and we have 2 younger children.Now they are back for Easter we may be able to get out! I will keep your list in mind. Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop.

  5. I definitely have a soft spot for mini golf dates - my hubs proposed to me on one!

  6. Enjoy your massage girl! ;) Have a fabulous Easter weekend my friend. xox

  7. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! The Zoo if definintely on my top 5 - me and my man went for our first year anniversary (not wedding) to the zoo and it was cracking :)
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  8. Burritos and Ice cream = the winner hands down! LOVE!


  9. Aww... happy belated first wedding anniversary, sweetie!!! xoxo