I'm Back! Ten Thoughts to Kick Off the Week!

Me overlooking the water in beautiful Fort Lauderdale #myhappyplace

Sometimes a little break is exactly what you need to reboot and revitalize! Florida was awesome and just the right amount of time away from the craziness! More to come on our trip soon! Literally I went from Florida, the state to the town of Florida, New York the next day for a bridal shower so I'm still a little drained. I had so much coffee and red bull to get through it all!! =)

Mondays, especially if you were just in sunny beautiful Florida, suck. There is no way around it. So I thought I would join in on the fun with Karli over at September Farm and do her Weekly Roundup of 10!  =)

Here are 10 Random Thoughts I'm Having on This Snowy NY Monday! 

Craig & Me waiting for breakfast!! <3

1.) You can know someone for almost 6 years and still not know everything there is know about them. Part of our trip was a walk down memory lane with pictures only a grandparent would have kept. It was wonderful.

2.) Omg my 1st wedding anniversary is on Sunday!!!

3.) I think I'm finally getting used to flying. I've now been on 8 flights and it's getting better each time!  I used to be a nervous wreck.

4.) I realllllly need to get my taxes done. Hopefully it's not to crazy filing together this year?!?

5.) I'm so excited for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 to come out!!! I've been waiting too many years!

6.) I think I might have finally figured out why I'm not losing weight...

7.) When in doubt with nothing to do in a city you've never been to...go to the zoo!!

The two cutest lil grizzly bear cubs I ever did see!!

8.) Yes I have the notebook, the planner,  & the smart phone but it's not enough. I think I need to start taking pictures of the invitations to keep it all straight!! =)

9.) I'm fully convinced that there should be a class on how to be proper bridesmaid. I can't believe I had to step in and help the Maid of honor with the gifts because some people don't know how to be bridesmaids...

10.) I'm convinced. I really need to travel more. I'm so happy I got to experience another part of the country I never got to see!

What's on Your Mind Today? =) 

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  1. Sounds like a whirlwind trip. Fun but exhausting. At least all those travel hours seem tiring.
    Here's to a fab week, girl! xo