Saturday Savings: How I Saved Money in February

This year Saving Money is always on my mind and it's been a successful run so far! January was a great month of savings for me. I kept up my $35 a week for lunch goal and was able to save an extra $40+ for my mad money jar. As well as additional savings brought on by my heightened awareness of my daily life and decisions.

Today I would like to share the extra steps I took in February to keep my credit card bill low and still be able to add a little money to my mad money jar! 

 How I Saved Money in February

  • ***Managed My Retail Store Email Subscriptions to Only 1x a Week
  • Used Only Cash for Lunch Out
  • Always Looked Online for a Coupon In Store
  • Placed my Paper Coupons in One Portable Location - i.e. Bed Bath Beyond
  • Researched What Stores Accept Other Store Coupons - i.e. Michael's/AC Moore/JoAnn's
  •  Made a Personal Decision to Change my Health Insurance Plan
  • Meal-Prepped for Lunches 
  • Did my Own Manicure - Twice
  • Bought Gas in NJ - Cheapest at $1.57 a galloon
  • Continued to Bring My Own Bottles back - I live in a Bottle Deposit State
  • Found Cheaper Quicker Meal Options for Home Dinners on Pinterest
  • Did Massive Amounts of Laundry to Raise My Awareness of What Clothing I Have
  • Shut Off the Lights When I Leave a Room
  • Used Items from my Small Stock Pile Instead of Always Buying New 
  • Watched Movies from Red Box ($1.50) at home instead of going to the movies!
  • Joined Free Membership Clubs for Rewards i.e. Regal Cinemas
  • Opted for Ladies' Night at Home  
  • Booked our Upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Trip on Expedia! 
  • Finished & Started Books I Already Own
  • Continued to Use Free Services for My Blog

How Did You Save Money in February?  

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  1. As I'm a student I find it quite difficult to save money, but I always save 10% of whatever I get e.g. pocket money, wages or presents!

  2. I have got to start paying for lunch in cash, I know that would totally save me some money! And I have about twenty thousand bottles to return. Great post!
    xo Jenn |