Currently + Thursday Thoughts...


~ Wishing one of my best friend's family's peace in their sad time. Her grandmother passed away last week and I attended the wake tonight. Her grandmother was such a funny woman, always remembered me and her wig was always just a lil crooked. ~ 

~ Wishing for a great lil trip to Ft Lauderdale next week. Craig and I desperately need this lil break to reboot and have some fun! ~

~ Wishing for spring carnivals to start popping up in my county! The latest "Girls" episodes has made me want cotton candy like no other!!  ~

~ Wishing the burn I got on my arm last night doesn't scar too badly. Yup, I suck at cooking. Cutting this up I'm good at...Cooking with a stove/oven - epic fails! I need to be more careful!! ~

~ PEEPS!!! I have been holding out long enough!! ~ 

~ Creme Brulee ~ 

~ Rice Krispie Treats ~  

~ Buffy the vampire slayer re-runs!! Miss that show ~ 

I seriously need to buy them all!!!!


~ Going on a date Friday Night!! Hudson Valley, NY is having their restaurant week!!  Local restaurants put their specialties on a price fixed menu and it's an appetizer, entree, and a dessert for less than the usual expensive amount! Craig and I are going to Ruth Chris Steakhouse!! Future Yumminess!! ~


~ Wearing Target flared yoga pants and an old top I usually sleep in. I have to get into the habit of changing into "house clothes/sleepwear" earlier. Craig, literally the second he gets home is in pj bottoms and an undershirt. I stay in my day clothes at least until half the night. 

Is that weird that I don't automatically switch into in the house clothes?? 
Do you change clothes right away when you come home? ~ 


~ Time Management ~ 

~  Learning hopefully how to sync all my electronics stuff together?? I guess I'm a millennial because I was born in 1985 but damn...I can't seem to get a "gift" ebook I was sent on amazon to sync to my tablet!!!!!! Grrr!!!!!! I'm supposed to know this stuff!!!! ~

~ Just how important it is to maintain a 20 year friendship! ~ 

~ A little bit goes a long way ~ 

How are you currently? 

This will be me soon... =)


  1. haha i immediately take my work clothes off or whatever it was I was wearing and getting into my comfy clothes when i get home!! Hope the trip to Ft. Lauderdale is amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Clothes, depends. Tired, I change in my pjs. Working out, exercise clothes. Going out in the evening, stay in work clothes. Good thing we have more than one or two outfits to change into. Enjoyed all of this today.

  3. I cannot stop eating PEEPS AHHHHHH. Actually, I am happy to report that I am in Peeps rehab and have not had any this week, but you better believe that I am stocking up so when its time to eat some again, I have a niceeeee little collection.

  4. I love Buffy. I watched the whole thing in high school and had every DVD box set. I should totally watch it again. I, to this day, cannot help but think when I go for walks of the phrase "Out. for. a. walk... bitch." Also I need some rice krispie treats please. Like the freshly made ones at home. Yum.

  5. Have a great date night tonight, sweetie and yes to creme brulee:) Kisses

  6. Ooh your date night sounds so fun and I hope you both have a great time away! x

    Viva Epernay