Married Life: First Wedding Anniversary + Happy Easter!

Sometimes you have to go into the holidays hoping for the best with a small plan of action to follow. I knew Church was at 11am and we had reservations at 2pm for Brunch. I did make it to both but wow it was a fast-paced crazy day that somehow ended in finally having a small piece of my wedding cake!! =) Yup that's what happens when your first wedding anniversary falls on Easter.  


My favorite part of the day was going to church where we got married. My parents came and of course my mother-in-law whom is a member of the church. One year later on our actual anniversary. What was even cooler was the amazing minister who married us announced our anniversary in front of everyone before the service. It made me feel so happy and special. =)

 Then came Brunch...

I will never go to a brunch buffet on Easter Sunday again. Sit down meals only!!! It was so nuts we almost walked out. It's not the fault of the was just every person who celebrates Easter in my town I swear was there. The buffet line was wrapped around several times over. Luckily we had a break in the line and was able to get something to eat. Oh and the omelet bar was by our table so it was a win win for me!! =)

But going forward...I think Easter will be an in-house holiday from now on. Craig and I are both only children so we are a happy group of 5 with my parents and his mom. It will definitely be easier to just have it at one of our homes. 

The other half of the day was Craig and I's first wedding anniversary. I was able to make him the business cards using Vistaprint and he absolutely loved them!! Previous Post: Here! I was so happy to successfully do the paper gift!!  Craig sorta kinda misinterpreted the whole "paper" thing by just getting me a card aka "paper". So I felt bad making him feel like an asshole for getting him a real paper gift and a card.  

But he made it up to me by taking me to my favorite Italian restaurant. If you're ever in Rockland County, NY...Il Fresco is the place to go! =) Oh and somehow on Easter Sunday our favorite date night ice cream parlor was open so we got milkshakes to go! =)

Alas but not least on top of the milkshakes...we saved the top of our wedding cake and IT KEPT!!!! Yes we had to defrost it a little bit and I doubt there is anyway to keep that "freezer" smell off the outside but the inside was delicious!!! I really was shocked it kept! 

I saran wrapped the fuck out of it tightly, foil wrapped it, AND placed into several freezer bags. Luckily though we didn't move in this first year so it literally has been in our freezer for a year. I won't say that I'm happy I now have room in the freezer but yeah I have to say did Craig! =) 

All in all Easter/Anniversary was a success but I'm excited for the separation of the dates next year. My anniversary will still March 27 but thankfully Easter is back in April! =P

How was your Easter Weekend if You Celebrate? 
Did You Do The Paper Gift for Your First Anniversary?

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I just stuck our wedding cake in the freezer without wrapping it or anything, it's just in the box, oops!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a great day!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We ate our cake on our anniversary, too! It was ok... much better on our actual wedding day ;) For our paper anniversary some of our relatives got us paper towels, paper plates, and similar gifts- lol! My mom actually ordered from "papersource", so her gifts weren't paper but they came from a place with a like name! Ha!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous anniversary weekend, and YUM to cake!
    Green Fashionista

  5. Happy Anniversary. At least he listened to you when it came to the paper gift. I think that is so sweet in itself.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy anniversary from our neighbor at the Linkup at Grammie Time.