Sunday Stolen Moments...

 My friend Dawn laughing, me in aqua smiling, and my friend Debra with the curls at her Sweet 16...

This weekend brought some much needed friend recap time! The picture above was taken over 14 years ago and all three of us girls are still friends. Of course we don't see each other as often as we'd like, but the friendship is still there and going strong. 
Over the weekend I checked out some Lena Dunaham's podcast "Women of the Hour" on Itunes and the first episode is all about friendship. Not the friendship where you just like everything you post on social media, but true friendship where you make an effort to keep the other person in your life and vice versa. Either you love Lena Dunham or you hate her and I'm on the first side of the fence. She knows her stuff...especially on friendship.

My friendship started with those two smiling girls the first day of sixth grade, one year shy of 20 years ago. We were 11 and it was my first day of at a new school. I sat lonely on the curb at lunch fearing I'd be so lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces. This is when Dawn came up to me and said, "Hey you're new? I'm Dawn. Want to hang out with us?". I'll never forget that day. It is definitely one of my core memories (Yes, I just watched Inside Out - Amazing) and I'm forever grateful for her confidence & boldness I didn't have that day. I met Debra later on that day during gym class. She was by herself and someone told me to go play with her. I'm so happy I did because that crazy day brought me two people I hope to know the rest of the my life.

These girls were with me the night I was proposed to, we went to each other's sweet 16's, we went to each others graduation parties, been there for each other when times were rough, we finally got a drink together when it was legal, fancy shmancy brunch whenever Dawn is in town, and knowing someone who has known you through it all is an incredible experience I'm so happy to have in my life.

Little did we know we'd still be friends and would meet for dinner every so often to recap the craziness in the times that have passed. It's fun remembering people we went to high school with and who has disappeared off the face of the earth. We share our latest love stories - mine a different type story b/c I'm married - but still just as special. The laughs, the memories, the smiles are fucking awesome and that was the big light of this weekend.

Do you have any Long-Lasting Friendships?
I'd love to hear...

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