Randomness: Mini Fall Wishlist

My Mini Fall Sur La Table Wishlist - All Items Under $12

Fall & the Upcoming Holidays are my favorite times of the year. I may groan over the stress, but deep inside I love the hustle & bustle. This is Craig and I's first holiday season as a married couple and I'm hoping to make it a special one!! 

I might be starting a little early with the lil reindeer cutie tealight holder but I know the mass frenzy for Xmas decorations will start soon!

Here's my Mini Fall Wishlist: 

1.) Ever since I went to a Williams Sonoma demo way back when where the lady made a pumpkin cheesecake (WS recipe) - complete with leaf trimmings around the crust I've been aching to do it too! My mother-in-law has put me in charge of the desserts for Thanksgiving so these crust cutters will do the trick!

2.) We all have the traditional Christmas decorations peppering our house with green, red, & mistletoe but these lil reindeers are different & the cute! In my house I have a cut-out in my wall...I think 1-2 of them will have to make it their home! 

3.) Who doesn't like foxes? My best friend Danielle loves foxes and she has slowly lured me to the dark side of fox items and you can put cookies on them! =) It's an appetizer plate so I'm curious to see how big it is. It might be a cute centerpiece or small server. Oh and if I buy anything with a fox I know I'll have to buy a second one for Danielle. =)

4.) I think Wine Charms are completely underrated. One of my mother-in-law's best friends always has wine charms on our glasses when she has get-togethers and it always makes me smile! These lil fall ones (another fox sneaked in!) are elegant & adorable! They might have to make an appearance at our Thanksgiving dinner too! 

I hope you enjoyed my mini Fall wishlist!

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  1. The fox plate is just too precious for words! Need everything to be delivered to my house asap haha <3
    She Will Be