Friday Favorites: Hello from the Other Side...

Happy Thanksgiving from Melanie & Craig aka Toots + Dill!

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple went off perfectly! Of course we didn't get to see all the family we would've like to see but some years you have to just stay close to home and enjoy the new memories. My mother-in-law hosted and made an absolutely amazing turkey! It's official that I now like turkey gravy! Well hers for starters! My parents came to her place too and the five of us continued a new tradition. I also got to see my grandmother and hearing her tell me she loved me too was beautiful and precious. 

Definitely one for the memory books! =)

Now I have to resist the urge to go overboard on Black Friday sales and go back to work tomorrow.  And onto Friday Favorites...

1. 52 List Project from the blog, Mooresaseal
~ Bought it at the Paper Source - excited to start it in January! ~
2. Watched the movie Paper Towns w/ Craig
~I thought it would be different. It had some funny parts but overall it was just okay. Even though Fault in Our Stars wrenched your heart was a complete story. I think Paper Towns needed a little something more step further.

3. An Engagement Present - The Book Style Me Pretty Weddings from the blog, Style Me Pretty
~ Craig and I are going to see our friends who are newly engaged. I thought this would be a good jumping off inspiration book for them!

4. Adele's new cd
~I'll admit I've just replayed "Hello" about 100 times so far...Maybe tomorrow I'll listen to other tracks! =P

5. Craig's breakfast burritos =)
~Every once in a while Craig goes all out and makes breakfast egg burritos with all the lil extras. They're are always super duper yummy!

6. Kitty snuggles w/ Angel

7. Helping my mother-in-law cleanup after dinner.
~I'm trying to be a good daughter-in-law!!~

8. Hugs from my mother. 
~There is something about the hugs from my mom that make me feel like I'm two years old and don't have a care in the world. She makes everything better.

9. The hunt for the best Christmas present for Craig! 
~It's always a challenge~

10. New Traditions! 

How was your Thanksgiving? 

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  1. Gah! Please let me know if the other songs on Adele's CD are worth it! Debating on whether or not to buy the CD! :) Happy Friday!

  2. Congratulations on your first Thanksgiving as a married couple! That's exciting! :) Sounds like it was a good one, too.
    Do you not love, "Hello", by Adele? I literally cannot get that song out of my head.... It's a bit annoying at this point.

    I seriously want to buy that book now, I used to cruise the knot all the time before I got married and thankfully, in some respects as much as Pinterest would have been awesome to have while planning (in 2007), I'm kind of glad I didn't have access to a resource like that, because I find it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you're all over the board and not sure what direction your wedding will go. That book is just beautiful though... I just love weddings, event planning and all those little details. I'm going to have to buy this STAT. Thank you.

    Thanks for linking up with us this week, you're more than welcome to any time. Have a great long weekend! :)

  3. Kitty snuggles deserve a permanent place on my happy list :)

  4. I was disappointed by Paper Towns, too. Book was definitely better! (Although not really blown away by it, either.)

  5. Nice links! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday ♥