Weekend Stolen Moments...

This weekend was non-stop go go go...But all the fun kinds of go go go...

Friday night kicked off a dinner to remember sorta speak. It was a Birthday/new engagement dinner with all the bells and whistles. The newly engaged couple I mentioned a few posts ago were in town and I was delighted to pass down my wedding knowledge to them. There is so many layers and so many scenarios to think about per couple. It can drive you crazy...But Craig and I both put our heads together to give them a good head start! Ooo and there was creme brulee...my favorite! 
Saturday brought burritos, beer, and Costco pizza. Luckily for my stomach there was space in between each of them. 

Do you have a favorite date spot where you live?  

Craig and I have a burrito place called Harry's Burritos in Nyack, NY and it is "our" place. I really should do a date night post about it because it is our default happy place that never disappoints. We took the couple there for brunch and needless to say the future bride was shocked she never went there or heard about it even though she lived around here for 20+ years of her life! We gabbed more about the wedding and appropriate ways to cut back spending. 

Our Tasting Glasses

Then we switched gears to go to the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, NY which I didn't realize had become my husband's favorite beer and was literally 20 minutes from where we live! They have a brewery tour, tasting options, and live music. Oh and more food! Dog friendly too!

Beer + Burritos...still okay...

Finishing off the day with Costco pizza...no bueno. lol.

Sunday brought some time with my mother and I, which I always hold dear. She listens to me rant...and Oh do I rant. We went to visit my grandmother and even though I'm not sure she can retain the memory of us being there but she seems happy to see us and that's what's important.

The weekend was topped off by The Walking Dead finale. I'm screaming a little on the inside for the lack of story movement. The switching up character stories per episode is a style I don't seem to like. I feel like the shows aren't going anywhere...just moving things around on their plate to pass time. The Leftovers did the same thing this season and the show really didn't go anywhere. Perhaps their season finale will accomplish something.

Well on to December...Can't believe it. Time is flying by!

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  1. Loved this post and I'm totally craving a burrito dinner tonight:) There is a tiny little Greek place, not far from us, that we simply adore and eat there anytime we can. Kisses, sweetie.

  2. Love dog friendly breweries! Unfortunately the one I work at isn't set up for it due to health code laws.

    I totally get the frustration with the Walking Dead, but I read the comics and I can tell you that it is about to get WAY better! My wife and I are planning on watching the season premiere on Valentine's Day.