Melanie a.k.a. Toots: 20 Things About Me!

 Me at my 30th Birthday breakfast!

Hi Everyone! I realized I sorta popped into the blogging world without really saying hello and telling you all a little bit about me. =)

Here's a mini list to introduce myself!

 ~ My name is Melanie aka Toots, Melababe, Lemanie, & Mel  ~ 

~My husband Craig aka Dill and I live in Rockland County, NY w/ our two kitties ~

~ On August 7th of this year I turned 30 years old! *gasp*

~ I'm a marketing analyst by day. Craig is an operations specialist at a bank. ~

~ Craig & I are both only children ~ 

~ Craig and I got married on March 27, 2015 ~ 

~ My favorite tea is chai tea ~

~ My favorite movies are Nightmare before Christmas, 2046, & Gone with the Wind ~

~ In high school I was the Captain of the Cheer leading Squad ~

~ My dream for 2016 is to finish & publish my first book ~

~ I'm in Mask #3 in The Birthday Massacre's "Looking Glass" Video ~ 

~ I graduated from St. Thomas Acquanis college in May 2009 with a Bachelor's in Mathematics ~

~ I have a severe addiction to brie cheese & gouda cheese & goat cheese - Pretty much I love all cheeses ~

~  I became a home owner at 25 years old! Craig & I are looking to buy a new place soon! ~

~ I'm a hardcore Buffy the vampire slayer fan! ~

~ I'm American w/ Italian, Dominican, & German heritage ~

~ I love to paint, make collages, and currently learning how to sew ~ 

~  I love music lyrics! I miss having away messages b/c mine were always lyrics! ~

~ I love to collect old music albums, oldVictorian figurines, and odd little treasures at thrift shops ~ 

~ I dream of opening up a little cafe one day w fresh cupcakes everyday! ~ 


I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me!  

How about you? If you have a blog, twitter, or instagram let me know!

  I love interacting with new people! You never know where it will take you! 

 One of my favorite pictures of Craig and I - Halloween 2010
He started out as Kickass but ended the night as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I was Hit Girl. =)


  1. oh my gosh! hi hi hi! how are you? it's nice to see you again! congrats on your wedding!

  2. Nice to meet you♥ You are quite an interesting person♥