Cupcake Class: Owl Day - A Fall Classic...

My Owl Cupcakes from Cupcake Class!

So what do you do when one of your students took your class already and you're strapped for new fresh cupcake decorating ideas...Frantically search the internet for some new inspiration! lol. 

I spotted owl cupcakes first on Pinterest, Duncan Hines actually, and then the possibilities of different types of owl cupcakes grew and grew! The ladies in my class all have young children and had asked me for some kid friendly cuties. I knew I had to attempt these lil guys.

No lie...decorating these cupcakes were easy! There are multiple different ways to make an owl cupcake. Some used oreos for ears, sideways M&M's for the noses, chocolate icing lathered on with a knife, & large white chocolate morsels for the eyes. I opted for the more basic items and decided to use a Wilton tip for technique. I can't believe the result was this cute!!

Owl Cupcakes

 What you will need:
~ 12-24 regular sized cupcakes ~
(Lg cupcakes will work too)
~ Oreos ~ 
~ Wilton Star Tip #21 or #22 ~
(Only difference is the size of the star)
~ Brown Wilton Icing Color or Chocolate Icing ~
~ M&M's ~
~ Runts Candy ~

1.) Cover the whole top of cupcake with icing stars. 

Note: If you use icing from a can you might want to add some powdered sugar to make it thicker.

2. Separate 2 Oreos - Hoping the cream side stays intact

3. Place two M&M's of choice color on the two oreo cream side halves - These are your owl eyes!

4. Place the two oreos onto the top of your cupcake. The sides of the cookie should be touching.

5. Add more icing stars to reinforce the cookies - Under the cookies, below the cookies, and on top of them. I've chosen to put the icing over the middle of the cupcake too, hiding where the oreos are touching to add some extra reinforcement. It is key to make sure the Oreos won't pop off. 

6. Once the Oreo eyes are secure...It's time for the lil ears. All I did was dab layers of the Icing stars to a comfortable level where they won't droop down. Tip #21 or #22 is a great tip for this...Some people use the other half of the Oreo cleanly broken in two perfect half moons for ears too.

7. One last thing...Add your nose!! I used Runt candies - the banana and the heart for my noses. You can use a sideways M&M if you are making these for small children. 

Viola! You have Owl Cupcakes now! =)

The only drawback to these lil cuties is it's hard to make a clean separation for the Oreos. The cream will sometimes stick to the other side of the cookie or the cream won't be stark white. 

Oh well...I'm still loving the finished product!

Don't forget to go back and put icing under the Oreos once it's been placed on top!
 I hope you enjoyed my cupcake class Owl Day! =)

 Me & my Lil Owl...